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  • Did he ever been in Bad Company?

    I saw him is bad company small part where he is watching Chris Rock playing chess with some one and he is one of the guys in the group.

  • Lovely actor

    Wonderful actor, surprised he is not a major star in movies. He clearly has been overlooked.. I hope to see him further his career ..
  • Calm, cool, and collective

    His unique presence in CSI seems so brief, but he was an act to see. He was always engaged into the crime scene, and wanted to find the answer. That's a good actor there.
  • Good Stuff

    There is a cool and calm demeanor to Gary or is it Warrick? The acting is so good I tend not to differentiate the actor from the character. Anyway, a question keeps popping in my head, how is CSI going to be without Warrick and will the replacement live up to it? He sure left some awfully big shoes for the replacement to fit into and CSI being one of my top shows leaves me scared as to if the replacement will actually live to the bill coz the team with Warrick\ Gary was a formidable cast. Since I rarely say this bout a dude, here it is...I will miss Warrick on CSI. Am out...
  • Dourdan a great actor; Warrick not so great a character.

    Gary Dourdan has proven to be a great actor in his role as Warrick Brown on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in earlier seasons, but as he stepped up to the plate for seasons seven and eight, he began to lose his edge. While Dourdan is a good actor, his character Warrick has become less-charming. After working his way through his gambling problems, he has begun to sink into drugs, alcohol, and women. Warrick has become one of my least favourite characters, with thanks to the writers. Breaking Warrick's character down and burning him out did lead him to his situation in the season eight finale, which is understandable. I suppose we will just have to wait for the season nine premiere to get a better look at Dourdan's role in the show.
  • Gary, you are the Denzel replacement. He has nothing on you. If you ever have to play him, you would be perfect i really love the way you handle yourself on tv. You walk so smooth that the grass doesn't move. Keep up the good work!

    CSI would not be if it was not for Gary. I know he is a very sexy man and his eyes will make you forget your own name. I know that if i ever meet him in person, i really think we could hang out because he is very down to earth like me. Denzel!! watchout. Don't worry Gary you got Denzel beat in my books and this is the very first time i have ever written a review or lusted after any movie/tv star really!But i had to speak up because now i only watch CSI because of you.
  • Gary Dourdan

    Born in Philadelphia Gary Dourdan had always wanted to be an actor from a very early age. He now stars as CSI Warrick Brown in hit CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigater. He enjoys anything musical from saxophone to piano and can play a wide variety of musical instruments. He has two children with his ex wife Roshumba Williams. A Boy- Lyric and a girl- Nyla. This guy is a good actor and I hope he is involved in some good storylines for up and coming episode s of CSI!
  • MMMMM!!! Just how low can you unbutton bro?

    Georgeous, sexy, fun loving and green eyes that you could get lost in. Gracing the scenes of CSI with shirts open dangerously low, flashing that smile that would light up any room and all you wonder is why isn't this man given stronger story lines.

    The first season of the show when Warrick Brown tackled his gambling problems displayed undeniable talent that has yet to be recalled. His character has aged and matured so predictably that you are left to wonder if this is after all CSI Las Vegas. In the city of glaring neon lights, gaming rooms at every corner and the ever present undertones of mystery and deceipt you have to admit the corpses have a more interesting storyline.
  • Can't deny the looks . . .

    Yes, he's very attractive. That said- I'm not feeling his acting as much as some other black TV performers (underrated),like: Steve Harris, Isaiah Washington, Andre Brauer and Blair Underwood. In some ways, I think his looks get in the way of his acting.
    I don't presume to know the man - but it's almost like his ego prevents him from really connecting with the character (ie modern day Billy Dee with green eyes). Maybe its just that CSI and other shows/movies haven't written a role for this man to display his true depth. All the roles I've seem him in, he was either a periphery character or, some type of sexy/hunky figure. It's time TV in general utilized talented black actors in their roles instead of using them as figureheads- which is what I feel CSI has done to Warrick.
  • I'm SuperiorKart's little sister. I say that Gary Dourdan is very sexy.

    I say he's very sexy because he's got beautiful eyes and a sexy body.I'm glad he's on this show.He's just so damn sexy.On every show or movie he has acted on he looks so FINE!!!.I say he's sexy cause he has sexy eyes,sexy body,and big feet.I love that he's tall and has a deep sexy voice.I him with dreads and with his hair in a low cut afrow.And I like his skin color and that he has his ears pierce.Me and my brother wished that they had more Cath an Warrick episodes.
  • I love this man.

    I really love to see him on CSI. CSI rules!! I would like for him to have more screen time this season. I wish they would bring back Different World reruns. I would to see him again in his early days! I love him in Imposter. I thought he should had a larger role . I also enjoy his music. His performing name is Kolade. Its kind of silly, but I still downloaded a few tracks from iTunes. HIs music is a blend of eletronica and jazz. Gary and Kolade can both be found on Go check them out.
  • my scoring is 10,if you make it to better than perfect(which gary is!!!!!!!)than you HAVE to be FYNE cause not many people make it up there, but the MAIN one who does is omarion. but for this 39 year old, BETTER THAN PERFECT is where he's at!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gary dourdan is soooo FYNE !!!!!! he gets up where omarion is !!!!!!!!!!! and sry gary , that's hard !!!!!!!!!!!!! gary is so HOT that words can not explan !!!! this 39 year old has got some of the 20 year olds beat !!!!!! well i got to go , love ya gary !!!!!!!!
    presley kern .
  • Love this man!

    Fabulous not only as an actor and in looks, but this hunk is a talented singer and musician. I respected him as an actor, but I LOVE him now that I\'ve heard the man sing. \"How\" is the song to lose yourself in but each and every one of his songs just gets better and better as you listen.
  • Wow!! He has it all, he is graceful, his voice is soothing, his looks are incredible. He is very talented. I want to see more of him!! I though have to mention what incredible eyes he has! More close-ups Please!!!!

    Gary is what I call a delicious mix of Sean Connery and Densel Wasington. He's got the looks, charm and talent!! Finally reconiton he deserves!! Why not let him sing for us? But again, Close-ups Please!! How about an episode here in Canada? Québec to be specific. Winter is beautiful here.;)

  • Some just exude handsomeness...

    It is hard for me to give an unbiased review of Gary as an actor, mainly b/c he is unbelievably gorgeous. I remember as a teen watching \"Shaza\" on \"A Different World\"....breathtaking then, breathtaking now!! Acting-wise he may not award bound, but that may be only b/c he has not had the right role to do so....

    keep it going G.D.!!
  • Gary Dourdan - the absolute best

    Not only is he a talented actor, he just happens to be incredibly gorgeous to go along with it! And of course, since CSi is the BEST show on television, it must have a hot actor to keep people interested... even though I`m disheartened that he is now married on the show... how disappointing... Well, I for one was hoping the Warrick/Catherine love affair thing would continue... maybe there`s still hope!... anyone that even gets to play his wife on TV is pretty darn lucky... So there you have it - Gary Dourdan - the reason why CSi is so popular!
  • Can we get another expression please?

    This guy has the range of Tom Cruise...the acting bandwidth of a dialup phone line. He makes a statement then gives his best "magnum", his mouth's expression is like The Rock's signature eyebrow move.

    But then, look how far The Rock took his shallow stare. All the way into deep characters like the gay actor/bodyguard in Be Cool.
  • Very awesome!

    This guy is great. I have only seen him in a couple of things. CSI and of course Alien Resurection and he was great in both. I love the back ground to his character in CSI, how he has a gambling problem and I love his 'Im cool attitude' I also think that his friendship with Nick is very cool.

    Very cool guy, definetly on me 'Legends' List.

    Cheers, Ste
  • I think he's a great actor, besides he's really cute!!!!, I hope we can get to see more of his many phases as actor, musician, etc! Go Dourdan!!!

    One of the best of CSI, he gives a original, sensual and different contribution to the series.
    I think he's a great actor, besides he's really cute!!!!, I hope we can get to see more of his many phases as actor, musician, etc. I hope he can get the best!! Go Dourdan

  • Gary Dourdan is a incredible actor.

    Gary Dourdan is a incredible actor and he is also a very good musician. I was extremely impressed with his performance on the 57th Emmy. He sang the theme song from Jefferson's and was unbelievable. I never thought it possible that someone could be that talented in music and film and be extremely cute. But it looks as though Gary Dourdan has proved me wrong. And I appreciate that.
  • I really really think the man is gorgeous

    Not only is this guy talented. (I watch CSI almost everyday). He is just a beautiful man to me. I liked him on \\\"Different World\\\". He is simply breathtaking in Janet Jackson\\\'s video \\\"Again\\\". I really would like to see him in more leading roles. If I ever met him in person I would just be speechless. I guess you can say that I am a huge fan of his.
  • How gorgeus is Gary Dourdan?!?

    Gary Dourdan is amazing in his role of Warrick Brown in CSI! He is a fabulous actor and is gorgeus to boot, he has secured himself a long and prosperous carear which he greatly deserves!
    He has a great screen presence and is a pleasure to watch, this guy is THE MAN!!!
  • People should be seeing more of him.

    Gary Dourdan has everything going for him. He is such a talented actor to start of with. The second thing is he is hot. Unlike most stars today who star in shows, you know, the ones that are allegedly hot, he actually he is and unlike the "hot stars" of today, he can actually act. People need to wake up to the fact that just because you see a picture of someone in every single magazine that is out there, doesn’t mean they can actually act. I think it is about time that we see credit where credit is due and not just given to the people that we see every time we open a magazine.
  • A side from his unique eyes and pleasant appearance, his calm and confident character and personality on the show give way to wanting to know more of him and what is behind his eyes, and character's motivation for being a CSI detective.

    Gary Dourdan, has a way of adding mystery to the show. I find him to be confident and casual in his character role, with a definite sense of intended purpose and dedication. He is quite skilled in drawing you in with his eyes and mannerisms to think and contemplate that which he is working on or expressing of his view(s)on the matter at hand.
    Within his blessings of being of definite eye candy for many woman, he has also blessed us with a rare combo of being somewhat a loner/rebel type that does not feed an ego, labels or image fetish.
    Quiet, calm, confident and careful is his character, which in turn causes that desire to know how much of him is really in that character he plays and too know more about him as a person, barring any tabloid rubbish.
    All in all, Gary Dourdan has a unique stance and energy that is very appealing and rare, to be hopefully expanded within the world of CSI and the world of entertainment. Beautiful Job Mr. Gary Dourdan. Thank You
  • Unknown to me at first, but I like him.

    Warrick Brown played by, Gary Dourdan. I will be honest I had never heard of him, until CSI. I think he does a wonderful job with his character, although the character is kinda shady. Gary Dourdan does a great job pulling off the character of Warrick. I can’t wait to see where is character goes this season. What ever direction they take him, Gary can do a great job. I know they just play characters on a show, but when they are great actors, they become a part of our lives. Thanks for making Thursday a good night for TV.
  • Gary dourdan {warrick brown from csi} Is so damn cute! He is one of my favorite actors!

    He is so cute he is one of my favorite actors when i first started watching CSI it was to watch him but then after awhile i started to like the show! I seen him in alien 4 and OMG he looks so different! Im glad he got rid of the braids it brings out his sexy a*s eyes!
  • Warrick ( Gary) is a great major part of the CSI crew. the show would not be the same without any of the crew other than Eckley. I hope Gary hangs with the show and rides it out the end, there is nothing better on American TV .

    Warrick ( Gary) is a great major part of the CSI crew. the show would not be the same without any of the crew other than Eckley. I hope Gary hangs with the show and rides it out to the end, there is nothing better on American TV , even our young grandchildren like it and can quote large portions of scientific facts learned on CSI LasVegas!
  • I remember watching Dourdan on "A Different World" as a child. His character was always so difficult but seeing him again in Alien: Resurrection and now as a regular on CSI - it fits him so well.

    Dourdan not only brings a certain suave finesse to his character but also makes you forget past characters he has played. When CSI is on, he isn't a shadow of Christie or Shazza. He's Warrick Brown and he's awesome at his part.

    Obviously, the character of Warrick Brown is my favorite.