Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman


7/17/1971, Peabody, Massachusetts

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Gary Lewis Gulman



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Gary started his comedy career shortly after graduating from Boston College with a degree in accounting. After becoming CPA certified, Gary would work 12 hour days, only to drive anywhere that would give him a mere five minutes of stage time at a comedy bar or club. It…more


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    • Gary Gulman: The pill, now that's a good invention, just for the fact that everybody here knows exactly which pill i'm talking about. I gave you "the" and a very vague noun and everybody's onboard!

    • Gary Gulman: I love the chinese, except for their cookie...they've got only one cookie, the fortune cookie... what a piece of **** cookie! it tastes like a manilla folder! C'mon chinese, you're better than this!

    • Gary Gulman: [in rgards to highway speed readers] I dont slow down, i speed up and try to set the high score!

    • Gary Gulman: "I stopped paying attention to the speed readers on the highway because i found a very similar gadget.....on my DASHBOARD"

    • Gary Gulman: "I went to Boston College. It's a Catholic college, yeah I had a nickname there: Jew."

    • Gary Gulman: A cookie without sugar is a cracker.

  • I think Gary was the hottest and most talented comic on LCS 2 and 3. He definetly should have gotten 1st place on both seasons. In my opinion, he also was the funniest - I loved his cookie jokes. Did I mention that I think he's also really hot? Thanks!moreless

    Wow, I could go on and on about how I think Gary is one of the greatest comics to ever live! Not only is he hot, but he is also talented and very funny. I too love Oreo's, so that's one thing he and I have in common. Personally, I think he should have placed 1st in both seasons 2 and 3 of Last Comic Standing. Of course, that probably would have made him a much more popular comedian, so I'm sort of glad he didn't. He actually came to the closest improv to me, and I got to meet him. He was so incredibly sweet and nice, I can't help but like him. He was also the greatest comic of the night (he was with Jay London and Alonzo Bodden). Let's just say that it was an incredible experience, and he was the sweetest comic out of all of the LCS comics I have met so far. Hey, at least he placed in the top 3 for season 2. I also wish he would be on TV more...moreless