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    • (on the Tv-Series Sliders)
      Gary Jones: Yeah, SlidersSliders had a weird feel to it, couldn't kinda get a handle on that show, it didn't last up in Vancouver to long before it actually moved down to LA. It's the same type of thing, travelling to other dimensions. But I didn't really, I did a couple of episodes, but I didn't really get like a foothold in it, as established or anything.

    • (on his experiences in Theater, Cinema and television)
      Gary Jones: Well, at this stage of things, TV and film pay better. Theatre usually has to scrape together money to pay and is constantly hounding the government for more arts funding. In the past I did a ton of theatre but I suppose I've removed myself from that scene for economic reasons. Evenings at our house are quite busy and if I was doing a play, I'd be gone every night. I've chosen not to do that. I have to say that theatre does have its benefits in that you work closely with a small group of people for a short period of time and you can make some good friendships.

      One of my oldest and dearest friends, shawn macdonald, was a writing partner of mine from years ago here in Vancouver. He and I had an idea for a one act play called WORLD'S GREATEST GUY that we entered into the Vancouver Fringe Festival back in 1994. it did really well and made it into the "Pick of the Fringe." This was the time after the fringe is over and all the most popular plays get an extended run at a slightly larger venue. So we did that and the play sold to packed houses. During that brief time, the artistic director from one of the big, local commercial theatres came to see it and liked it.

      But it was a one act and he asked if we could turn it into a two act. So we did and the play got better and funnier. So he booked it into his theatre for a month and the play proved so popular that it ran for four months and eventually won a JESSIE RICHARDSON AWARD for BEST PLAY OF 1994. it was an amazing journey for shawn and i. we never for a moment imagined that our tiny play, that we also performed in, would become voted the best play of 1994. the Jessie Richardson awards are the Vancouver equivalent of New York's TONY AWARDS.

    • (on his character on Stargate SG-1)
      Gary Jones: Only in that I wear a full flight suit around the house. Okay, I like my character a lot. I get to be the guy who's worked at the gate for ages and knows it inside and out. He's unlike me in that Walter is pretty calm in the midst of all the chaos. I would be more panicked and extreme in my reactions. My wife is always telling me to calm down and think things through before I act. Walter, I believe, is the opposite.

    • (When asked if he regularly watch Stargate)
      Gary Jones: I'll be honest and say no, I do not watch the eps. Mostly it's because I have 3 kids and a packed life. My wife and I watch very little television and add to that the fact that my wife is not a sci- fi fan. There have been times when I'll be surfing the channels and Stargate will come on and I'll see my name in the credits and I'll say, "hey, I'm in this one." If I don't actually appear in the next minute, my wife will change the channel. As you can imagine, this doesn't bode well for watching Atlantis in our house.

    • (on some rumors saying that the name of is character on Stargate SG-1 was changed from Walter Davis to Walter Harriman because there was already a Major Davis)
      Gary Jones: I have no idea why so many names. Maybe because they didn't think I'd be around this long. I have no idea. One thing is, when they first handed me the blue flight suit, the name "Davis" was on the nametag. So I was Davis. I don't know where Norman came from. I wish I did because the "name" thing has become the central question from all the fans when I appear at conventions. I never thought I'd be appearing at conventions so maybe I should've paid more attention to things like getting a name. If I remember correctly, in one episode, Don Davis referred to me as "airman." That sounded like he might have called me, "Harriman," so that stuck. That's how I became "Harriman." And in episode "2010," Richard Dean called me Walter, basically because he felt like it. Who was going to tell him he couldn't? Certainly not me. So now I'm Walter Harriman after nine seasons. I have a feeling it won't be changing since the name "Harriman" now appears in the scripts above my dialogue lines. It used to just be "technician." This is a good thing.

    • (on his character on Stargate SG-1)
      Gary Jones: I have no control over the evolution of my character, Chief Sergeant Walter Harriman. The writers get full credit for giving me more and more as well as handing me the gift of some comedic scenes. The writers have gotten to know me personally over the years and I suppose that helps if they think I'm funny. But I stay away from suggesting things like an episode focused on my character. I think that if and when they feel that would serve the greater good of the show, they'll do it.

    • Gary Jones: (on the atmosphere in the set of Stargate SG-1 season 9) The atmosphere is a lot of fun down on the set. Stargate SG-1 is a big, well-oiled machine that moves along at lighting speed considering the CGI aspect of the show as well as how many people work on it. I spoke with an actor today who enjoyed his first day on the 'gate in 9 years and he couldn't get over how fast and fun everything was. Peter Deluise, Andy Mikita and Martin Wood are the old pro directors and they seem to be able to edit in their heads as they shoot. This cuts out a lot of unnecessary shots and also gives time to fool around a bit. This relaxes everyone and the job gets done, year after year, episode after episode.