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    • (on some rumors saying that the name of is character on Stargate SG-1 was changed from Walter Davis to Walter Harriman because there was already a Major Davis)
      Gary Jones: I have no idea why so many names. Maybe because they didn't think I'd be around this long. I have no idea. One thing is, when they first handed me the blue flight suit, the name "Davis" was on the nametag. So I was Davis. I don't know where Norman came from. I wish I did because the "name" thing has become the central question from all the fans when I appear at conventions. I never thought I'd be appearing at conventions so maybe I should've paid more attention to things like getting a name. If I remember correctly, in one episode, Don Davis referred to me as "airman." That sounded like he might have called me, "Harriman," so that stuck. That's how I became "Harriman." And in episode "2010," Richard Dean called me Walter, basically because he felt like it. Who was going to tell him he couldn't? Certainly not me. So now I'm Walter Harriman after nine seasons. I have a feeling it won't be changing since the name "Harriman" now appears in the scripts above my dialogue lines. It used to just be "technician." This is a good thing.