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Gary Lightbody

Gary Lightbody


Bangor, Northern Ireland

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Gary Lightbody


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Gary Lightbody is the frontman of Irish rock band Snow Patrol. In 1994 Lightbody formed the band Polar Bears but later changed the name to Snow Patrol facing legal action from an American Band of the same name. Lightbody attended both Campbell College and Dundee University, where he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Gary is prone to depression and has described himself as "an emotional cripple" he also confesses to be self loathing.

    • Gary and the other band members liked to pretend to be members of Belle & Sebastian so that they could gain free entry to the the Glasgow School of Arts Student Union Club.

    • Gary is 6' 2" or 1.88 m tall.

    • Gary mainly uses a Fender Telecaster 1972 Deluxe guitar and Marshall amplifiers.

    • In 2006 Gary recorded a song with Lisa Hannigan for the charity compilation The Cake Sale which was launched to raise funds and awareness for Ireland's Make Trade Fair campaign. The song was called Some Surprise and reached #5 on Irish charts as a single.

    • Gary's inspiration for the albums Final Straw and Eyes Open was his own infidelity. They both contain songs dedicated to his ex-girlfriend.

  • Quotes

    • Gary Lightbody: Whenever we go anywhere new, we're like kids in a huge empty house. We want to explore all these big spaces, climb into the attic and rake among boxes and get down into the basement and find the stuff that has been stashed away. For us the world could never be too big.

    • Gary: I read meaning into everything.

    • Gary: The world decides they like you and suddenly your heroes are in the audience. Michael Stipe was very nice to us at the Isle of Wight festival. But we have our own checks and balances. We know when we're at our best. We're quite hard on ourselves.

    • Gary: It's been an amazing couple of years. But when it came to writing the new album we were quite monastic. It was a question of we've had our fun. None of that counts now. Don't look back admiringly at your own footprints. It's all lost unless this next step is truly exceptional.

    • Gary: There are swaggering bands, bands who are in your face. And then there are bands who get hold of you somewhere else. I think it's a heart thing, an intimacy thing. Like you know them and they know you. I think we are one of those bands.

  • Front man of Irish rock band, Snow Patrol.

    Snow Patrol are one of my all time favourite bands and where would they be without their chief songwriter, guitaist and lead vocalist? Lightbody's talent is undeniable and the originality and depth in his lyrics is so outstanding that it is no wonder why they have come so far since "Polar Bears" in 94.

    My favourite Snow Patrol songs include "Headlights on Dark Roads" and "Run". Both of this songs get their message across with amazing clarity. As a guitarist, a lyricist and a vocalist I have huge respect for Mr.Lightbody and can't wait to see him grow as an artist.moreless