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  • Stern look, serious acting

    I can not imagine the show without him! He plays the role of detective very well on CSI. He gets down to business, tells some jokes, and walks you through evidence in the lab.
  • I think Gary Sinise is very taleneted, however I think there needs to be more emotion and interaction with him in the show. Also the writing needs help! However I would like to see the show succeed, changes must be made. Good Luck!

    I watch Gary in other roles he is very talented and sometimes I think this does not show the full scope of his talent. However with some changes with scripts and the interaction between the other actors on the show I believe this could be a very successful series. I think more on the street action and less in the lab might help! although I understand this is CSI, it may just be too much techinical data for the audience to handle. Not sure but that is my opinion! A talented cast there should be no reason this series is not a success. Good Luck CSI!
    Celeste Roth1
  • I love watching Gary Sinise in whatever he is doing. He's great. I get upset when I can't get my CSI:NY fix of the day or week.

    I give this show overall a 10. I would like to see more love interest for MAC. I don't think in reality a real life Detective would go as long as he has without a woman a special woman in his life. Let's see Mac Taylor in love and happy for a change. In a way I am glad Stella has gone. She was overbearing and too strong you would think she was the boss and not Mac. I think the writers need a shake up and get some fresh hot stuff. Look when Mac gets blown up he gets a little scrape meanwhile Don gets his insides torn open. It dosen't make sense. If Mac gets blown up, kidknapped, shot, beaten or otherwise can it be more realistic and not just a scratch and a headache and a few dorps of blood. Please!
  • Hot, cute and great actor...

    Gary Sinise is one of the best actors I have ever seen. Also I don't mention about how hot he is. His smile is very cute. I first saw him in Apollo 13 and the ransom with Mel Gibson. He seems cold and extremely serious but also he has a sense of humor. He fits his role in CSI:NY, because of his presence, I like CSI:NY more than CSI:MIAMI.
    I love to watch the series but I hope I will see him in more movies.
    And also he has a very good heart. He tries to do his best to help child and troops in IRAQ.

    Gary Sinise is a wonderful actor. I watch CSI:NY, and it wouldn't be the same without him. Forrest Gump was a great movie too. I can't think of any other movies he has been in, and that shouldn't be. He should be in many more movies. I am confident that Gary Sinise could hold down his own show. I think he is a very talented man. He helpes war veterans and that is very admirable. A true good guy. I am grateful that producers are casting such great actors these days. Gary Sinise will be the next big thing on the screen!
  • Gary Sinise is one of the best actors I have ever come across. Everything he wants you to feel just oozes out of the screen. From crazy long haired characters to justice longing detectives, there are few that can beat this man.

    I started to love Gary once I started watching CSI: NY. My mother got me addicted to him when she told me who he was. She told me all the movies he was in, all the times had played for the troops, and I was hooked. He has such passion on and off screen. As Mac Taylor, I see a man who you could go to because he is that tender and gentle but knows when to pull out the marine tactics and take down any thug who breaks the law. Gary has many of Mac's characteristics. In real life Gary is a hoot! He loves playing jokes and loves rockin' out. In a few of his past movies, you can definitely see that. Long hair, wife-beater shirt, cigarettes- give this guy a role and he'll perform it for you. :lol: He has a ton of respect for the troops which I really appreciate. He doesn't want a lot of media for himself and I really like that. He is a great family man, as I have heard. He is totally underrated and under praised. This is a classic right in front of us. A classic who has passion. A classic who loves his country. Go Gary Sinise.
  • Definately an all time great.

    I absolutely love Gary Sinise. He's an amazing actor. I loved him in Of Mice and Men. He was amazing with John Malkovich. I also love him in Mission to Mars. He's amazing. I love the seriousness he has but he can also be goofy too. Like in Open Season he brings so much goofyness into the role of Shaw. I love that movie mostly because of Shaw. Gary Sinise is one of those classics. He's not in it for the fame. He does acting for the love of acting. I hoep he continnues acting for a very long time. He's a great actor and a wonderful person.
  • One of the sexiest men alive and amazing actor!

    Gary Sinise is a very talented director and actor and not to metion he is gorgeous! He can play a bad character such as Jimmy Shaker(Ransom), a smart detective like Mac Taylor (CSI:NY), or even a sentamental man such as Terry (Fallen Angel). I really admire his work and I love all of the movies he stars in. I personally like his character in CSI the best, and he is defiently my favorite actor.
  • Lt. Dan's The Man!

    I Love Gary Sinise, He's a very Talented Actor I Enjoy Watching him In CSI: NY as Mac Taylor and in his Movies Like "Apollo 13", "Forrest Gump", "Mission To Mars" And "The Green Mile". Gary was only in "The Green Mile" For just one Scene but still he was Great In it I also Appreciate what he's doing for The Childeren In Iraq and all the Causes him and his Band, The Lt. Dan Band, Are Doing For The Troops down in Iraq and everywhere else.
  • A brilliant actor able to put himself into almost any role and truly become that character.

    Gary Sinese has a wide range of acting credits from blockbuster movies, TV movies and TV series. He is a truly gifted actor that makes him a delight to watch in any role. His career has spanned characters of every walk of life, income, background and intelligence. His is able to absolutely become the individual role no matter what. He also has an incredible screen prescence which completely absorbs you when on screen. His current role of Mac Taylor on CSI:NY is perfect for him. Mac is always cool and in control, Gary is a excellent in his portrayal. Not all actors are talented enough to go back and forth so effortlessly from small screen to big screen. Gary is a true craftsman in this regard.
  • He plays Mac Taylor very well in CSI:NY!

    I'm glad the directors and producers pick Gary Sinise as the lead role on CSI:NY. He has starred in a lot of productions, and i'm really satisfied with his acting in CSI:NY. When in the show, he can express his emotions very well and it fits in with the show, which is good. I was touched when he portrayed Mac in the show where he was talking about his character's late wife, Claire. You can see the way he act was so good, it was like he's really experiencing it. Overall, i'm really satisfied with the choice of him playing the lead role. Two thumbs up to Gary!
  • LOVE HIM!!!!!

    I absolutly love Gary Sinise. I don't know what exactly it is but he's a really good actor. One of the reasons I knew CSI:NY was going to make it was because he did it. And he does some really good things. He has some great movies and I love his character on CSI:NY. I went to Disneyworld and there was this ride called mission:Space and before the ride there was a short video where he was briefing video and he had done the video. That was an awesome ride and I loved it more because of the video. I just think he is really hot and way cool.
  • Amazing actor. One of my favorites.

    Gary Sinise is a great actor. i love his role on CSI: New York. i think he uses just the right amount of emotion and expression as he plays Mac. he makes all the episodes exiting and new. He really was a great choice for the lead part. Without him as the lead, i dont think the show would be any good. He really makes the show worth watching.
    Though i havent seen him in any other TV series', i think he is probably just as good as he is playing Mac in CSI: New York. He is great.
  • Gary has been a personal favourite since Forrest Gump and continues to maintain that position, a talented director and producer as well as actor. Whatever the role he brings a unique something to it that makes it believable, making you laugh, weep or jus

    Not only do I think Gary is an outstanding actor, producer and director, I also believe him to be a really nice guy. Married to Moira for 25 years makes him special, and his enthusiasm and dedication is well known. Father to three children, Gary also founded Operation Iraqi Children in a bid to help children with school supplies through the US military, therefore building bridges in the communities and has been to Iraq on several occasions himself to entertain the troops with his band and to see Operation Iraqi Children at work. He is also spokesman for the Disabled Veterans Association.
    Currently starring in CSI:NY and enjoying the stability that that gives him and his family, Gary is an all round good guy, tremendous actor, brilliant producer and director and personal favourite.
  • Great actor , i thaught he was great on CSI NY but yesterday i saw a movie starring him on Tv The Impostor and he just made you believe the whole story.

    i think that he is a great actor, it is too bad that he plays in CSI NY ,because a lot of people will compare him to the actors who play Gil Grissom or Horatio Cane.
    In the impostor he totally makes you believe the story and you feel for him and hope he gets away from the people who are chasing him.
    For people who havent seen the movie, i will be making a review with spoilers and i will post it on my blog because i think the movie is brilliant and that this movie along with Of Mice and Men and Forrest Gump are my favourite movies with Gary in them.