Gary Sweet

Gary Sweet


5/22/1956, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Gary Sweet


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Gary Sweet is a television and film actor well-known for roles in Police Rescue, Big Sky and Stingers.


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    • Gary (on appearing on Dancing With The Stars): I find the dancing much more intricate and complicated than I'd expected. Tonight, I'm dancing to Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and some people in this vicinity would suggest that it's an appropriate song for me!

    • Gary (on the lack of key roles in Australian dramas and comedies since reality TV): In an ideal world there'd be a lot more things happening, but I guess you've just got to deal with what you've got.

    • Gary (on his Dancing With The Stars partner, Kerry Armstrong): She's played my girlfriend on a number of occasions. When we were unemployed, I used to ring her up to have kicks with me. Her father taught her how to mark and kick a footy.
      Oh, she's a very determined footballer, I can tell you. She's more skilled than I am in the football department.

  • Cheeky :)

    Gary Sweet is a cheeky Australian actor who has been in many television shows.

    I first saw him in Police Rescue and Mickey and loved the character and his charm.

    Since then he has been in Blue Heelers and starred in Stingers as a bipolar undercover police officer. A role which suited him very well.

    He is able to play a wide variety of characters, from comedic to dramatic roles and he does them all with his own flare.

    Gary's cheeky smile makes him a bit of a ladies man, who is quite funny and a natural aussie bloke.

    I very respected actor who I really admire.moreless