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    Gavin: That's the stuff I think about. How people relate to each other, that search for something solid, something consistent, the idea of having someone in your life who helps balance you out or helps you establish a little bit more consistency. I think those are important factors in revealing things about you.

    Gavin: (on his second album, "Gavin DeGraw") When you're in a studio, sometimes it can feel very much like a laboratory. It takes a little bit of the heart out of it, and I tried not to overdo it too much as far as analyzing or second-guessing myself.

    Gavin: (on the song "In Love with a Girl")
    The story behind that song is sitting around thinking about the perfect relationship and what would be the right girl. And the right girl would be someone who knows you for better or worse, even love you when knowing the characteristics that you might have aren't loveable.

    As a lyricist, I'm not afraid to not be the hero of my own songs. I think sometimes in your songwriting, it's tempting to paint the picture of yourself as the hero of the songs all the time. You don't always have to be there.

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    He's not only talented as a musician and singer, he's got brains too! Love him!!
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