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  • Just love him on "Dancing with the Stars".

    Good singer. Great guy.
  • An unbelievable musician.


    Gavin DeGraw is easily one of my favorite singers and unfortunately a little overlooked where I live. His music and lyrics are incredible and every song he writes and performs is gold. Truly amazing guy and musician, and I'm not sure how I can make it any more clear than that. DeGraw's amazing, I wish him the best, as he will no doubt be successful until he retires.

  • My namesake rocks!

    As far as I can tell, we're not related or anything. It just so happens we carry the same cool name. But I do feel a connection with this guy or at least with the music he brings. I first heard him with the song "I Don't Want To Be", the theme from One Tree Hill. And as months passed, his tunes keep popping up in OTH episodes, other TV shows and even on local radio. I got his album "Chariot" and was blown away by his vocal prowess and even more wonderful gift of songwriting. And listening to the live renditions of his hits convinced me that this artist would go a long way in the music industry. My personal favorites among his songs are "Follow Through", "We Belong Together", "Nice to Meet You Anyway", "I Don't Wanna Be" and his acoustic version of "More Than Anyone".
  • His songs are great!!

    I've discovered Gavin DeGraw when watching One Tree Hill. I love his song "I Don't Want To Be", which is the theme song for the tv show. So, when I listenened to this song, I felt like listening to all his i looked for them:P
    well, my favourite is "I Don't Want To Be", but I also like: "We Belong Together", "Against All The Odds", "Dreams".
    I think that his songs have something special..i don't know what yet, but I guess I'll discover after listening to them over and over again.
    I'm happy that I've discovered him..I like his music and I hope he will continue in this way!!!Go Gavin!!
  • Gavin DeGraw! An absolutely brilliant singer song writer!

    Ok so I am completely in love with Gavin DeGraw! He is one of those really down to earth stars! After his concerts he hangs out with the audience and takes them out for drinks!!! Can you believe it? This guy is amazing with an amazing heart and a real talent for song writing!

    I first heard about Gavin because he sings the One Tree Hill theme tune and I loved it! So then I went out to buy his CD and it was absolutely amazing! Afterwards he came to the UK four times to tour but each time I tried to get tickets they had sold out or I was away! After the fourth time I got really fustrated! The fifth time he came I was away in France with my best mate and we both love Gavin so we decided to fly back to see him! And he was worth those 4 years of waiting! That night was so amazing! Gavin sang all his hits and he was just so nice! Next time he is here I will definately go see him! And get his number ;-) Can't wait till his next album!
  • That's weird...But I like his music!!!

    I bet y'all know the One Tree Hill theme song...
    Yeah! Of course...

    Usually I don't like that kind of music, but i was greatly impress to see how Gavin's song was good. I first heard the "I dont wanna be" song on the show, but when i listen to the full track I couldn't stop listening to it. It's was playin on the repeat mode of my mp3. Then he came up with "Chariots" which is another song of his that I did love actually.
    Anyways, it was just to say there that his a great singer! I don't know much of his acting skills, but I have to say that when he was a gest star on OTH he played well.