Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale


10/30/1965, Kilburn, London, England

Birth Name

Gavin McGregor Rossdale


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    • Gavin: (revealing his children have inspired him to think before he acts) Beforehand, without children, I think that I was probably more reckless and thinking a bit less about the consequences, and now I want to make sure I'm good for them when they check me out.

    • Gavin Rossdale: I know that sometimes we get accused of being a band that's successful on account of my average cheek bones. But it IS a good band. I'm not the most arrogant person in the world, but I'm going to start to be. I'm sort of sick of being misrepresented.

    • Gavin Rossdale: I love to act and I find it very inspiring. And it was a case of waiting to find the right thing that I wanted to do and that wanted me.

    • Gavin Rossdale: I'm used to picking on people, so the idea that suddenly I can become fearful and I'm being dominated by him in that way, and it was so uncomfortable and I was in that suit, that wool suit, and he's beating the life out of me. I've got these brass knuckles swinging past my nose. It was intense, and it really helped me to feel that pain.