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  • Only if she was president in the real life.....

    If she was president in the real life, I'd vote for her in a heartbeat!

    Because, she would lead us into a better world, that's what I love about her! For years, I watch her role on many different movies.

    I don't have many favourite movies with me, not just yet. At least, I hope that I will see her in her next role of the best movie that people got to see in the near future!

    I hope that one day, she may return to small screen once again!

    I salute to her!
  • Geena Davis is one of the msot impressive actors of our time...

    Geena Davis is one of the most impressive actors I have ever seen. She is powerful enough to take on the role of the first female president. I love the way she has taken on this role. Geena Davis is also very impressive for the ways she is trying to help with the images of girls in the media. She has stood up for title IX and everything that goes along with it. Her powerful role on the hit drama, Commander in Chief, has opened doors for women in higher roles of the government, buisnesses, and all other types of roles in the world. Not only is Geena Davis a great source of inspiration but, she is a great role model for all young women in the world.
  • Geena Davis is beautiful & a talented actress.

    Geena Davis portrays Mackenzie Allen. She is very beautiful, talented and overall an outstanding lead actress for the show. I think her character is a good strong role model for all women out there, never giving up without a fight and standing up for what she believes in. I think that she is really gorgeous for her age. She is just an amazing actress!
  • I have to classify Geena Davis just as a rebel! She can literally take on any role she wants to, especially on Commander in Chief!

    Geena Davis... in other words, the strongest actress I may have ever even heard of in this entertainment business! She is absolutely fantastic at any role she plays especially in Commander in Chief. She can have herself poised as strong, professionaly, and quite ethical and can go onto a completely different role like Thelma and Louise! She is probably the most talented and strongest actress in this business! Two thumbs, WAY UP!!!