Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton


1/12/1986, Gravesend, Kent, England

Birth Name

Gemma Christina Arterton


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Gemma Arterton is a rising British film star, she got her breakthrough role in St Trinian's (2007), She then went on to have roles in the twenty second James Bond film Quantum of Solace, Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla and British comedy The Boat That Rocked. She has recently been…more


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    • Arterton: (On the BBC series Tess Of The D'Urbervilles in which she starred) I played the character of Hope, Tess's younger sister, in a school play. Coming to the drama again almost 10 years later is a very different experience. I was too young to really understand it first time around.

    • Arterton: (On Clash of the Titans)My part is, the coolest part, Io's not in the original film. Perseus falls in love with her.

    • Arterton: (On Clash of the Titans) The script is very different, obviously the story is the story, but it's much more about Perseus' mission, and how he deals with being the son of Zeus, and things like that, so it feels a little more about him, and about the issues around that.

    • Arterton: (On St. Trinians) She's the coolest one out of everyone. She's 17 going on 30; she's got control over everyone and everything. All the teachers, she makes sure that they're not misbehaving. She's the baddest one but she doesn't have to prove it to anyone. She's like a gangster in that respect. She's the one that you don't mess with!

    • Arterton: (On working with Daniel Craig)I was quite nervous on the first day with him, because he's someone you see acting so well on screen and to actually meet him is quite bizarre.

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    I review all the people I become editor of so first off, I got a new editorship WooHoo! and second ly lets begin the review. Now all I have seen Arterton on so far was the James Bond film Quatum of Solace, it wasnt the best Bond film ever but I do think it was a great action film and I really enjoyed her scenes in the movie they were very funny and I was gutted *spoiler* that she died. *spoiler ends* I cant wait to see her in a couple of movies coming out I'm a big fan of Prince of Persia games and she will be in the movie and I cant wait for the Clash of the Titans.moreless