Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward


11/3/1987, Perth, Western Australia

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Gemma Ward



Also Known As

Gemma, Gem
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Gemma was born the 3rd of November in 1987 in Perth, Australia, daughter of Gary and Claire Ward. She has a sister (also a model) and twin brothers. She started her career when she accompanied some friends to a cast and ended up being chosen. She is the…more


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    • Gemma: Some girls get swept up in the lifestyle-- clubbing and partying with celebrities. You can't live your life like that, though. It's fake.

    • (on her film 'The Black Balloon')
      Gemma: Basically the film is taken from my life, but it's not obviously exactly on my life. It's more the incidences and the heart and the truth of it. I have two brothers with autism so this film is inspired from that experience of growing up with such a unique type of family.

    • (her words of advice to us are)
      Gemma: Never forget to keep laughing at yourself.

    • (on going back to school)
      Gemma: I'm definitely going to finish my studies when I have time to do it to my full ability.

    • (the reality of being a model)
      Gemma: I do pinch myself sometimes when I'm home in Australia, chilling with my usual buddies. It's easy to start thinking it's normal when you're surrounded by girls in the same situation, because a lot of my good friends are models.

    • Gemma Ward: To open and close the Chloe show is a big deal for me, because I know how much it means to alot of people.

    • (about decorating her new flat)
      Gemma: It was quite trickey, it takes a very long time but I'm willing for it to be that way, because I want it to be just right for me.

    • (when asked about what she thinks is her best feature)
      Gemma: Best feature? Um, that's a hard one. I don't know I guess my eyes, I don't know. It's, your eyes are meant to be the windows the your soul so I guess that's it, yah.

    • Gemma: It's only been like three months or so since I joined at IMG, but the works just kept on snowballing in, I just, yah, I've been working more and more.

    • (about the hard things of being a model)
      Gemma: It took a bit of getting used to, like all of the teasing and all of the hair, um, pieces and ripping them and um, all the glue that gets stuck in your hair. But um, yeah it's also part of it. I had a big afro yesterday and had to try and wash it out and all those sorts of things can like, kind of add to. You turn up at a casting or like a fitting and they're like 'what happened to your hair?' and it's like this big mess of afro or, yanno, things like that, but it's fine.

    • (talking about how IMG came to discover her)
      Gemma: I did a cover in Sydney and somehow the magazine landed on someone's desk at IMG, and they tracked me down, and asked me to sign up. And then like, ten days later, um, they told me that, um, I was going to Milan for the Prada show.

    • (talking about the pressures of modeling)
      Gemma: Sometimes, no matter what you do, the stress accumulates until you can only get rid of it on way, a good cry.

    • Gemma: I'm so happy that so many people have recognized me. Thank you so much!. I never thought that a girl from Australia could make it so far!

    • Gemma: I grew up on the beach. It was such a luxury to wake up to the sun and the ocean.

    • Gemma: I wanted to be like an actor or a comedian for a little while, because I was always wanting to make people laugh, and being stupid, so I never thought I'd be doing a job where you always have to look nice, and polished and sophisticated.

    • Gemma: I came to watch my friends. I was sitting there in the crowd when the agent from Perth came over. I didn't even want to enter, it was a bit of chance. I was so shocked when I got my first job.

    • Gemma: I never really, like, cared about what I looked like or anything and it never crossed my mind. I never thought that I would be doing, yanno, a job where you always had to look nice and polished and sophisticated.

    • Gemma: Some girls get swept up in the lifestyle: clubbing and partying with celebrities. You can't live your life like that, though. It's fake.

    • Gemma: I had come straight from my auntie and uncle's farm, and I was wearing this big gray barn jacket with mud all over it. When the scout came up to me, I said, "No, thank you." But my friends were like , "Hell, yes!' They forged my mum's signature (for mandatory parental consent), and pushed me in front of the cameras.