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  • Gene Kelly, my favorite.

    How can you not love Gene Kelly? A true triple threat. His voice was so smooth in any musical number goosebumps appear on your skin! And he could dance so well! When I see Gene Kelly sing and dance I smile, I just will be happy. That's what he makes people do, he makes people happy. Which is one of the greatest things you could ever do in your life, make people laugh and smile. Gene From Singin' in the Rain to Inherit the Wind he was outstanding in all, making movies instant classics. He will never be forgotten.
  • He is sooooooooooooooo awesome! he is a great singer and actor and dancer! Gene Kelly is why musicals are so great! Love ya!

    Gene Kelly is so awesome! He was a great singer actor and dancer! My favorite movie of his is singin in the rain! I havent watched all of his movies but the ones i have seen are pretty good! I wish he could of lived longer. His best friend was fred astaire but gene kelly is way better than him! I dont like fred astaire much but i do like gene kelly alot!! singin in the rain was a wonderful musical! I liked it a lot and I also have the dvd. I watch it all the time! I wish he was still alive! he was hot! Go gene kelly!
  • Gene Kelly's talent and appearances

    For me, who wasn't born during Gene Kelly's times has got to say, that he is probably the best looking and greatest dancer of all time in history. He can tap dance on roller skates and he's a lady's man all right. I know I'm only like 19 and he was before my time, but he's a charmer and beats the young guys by a longshot. I have a thing for older actors that time. I have almost all of his films including "Anchors Aweigh", "Singing in the Rain", "Always Fair Weather", to name a few. Whoa, that guy must've worked hard for those muscles and bodies. There are only talented actors back then. Good dancers. To me that's attractive.
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    I love to watch his movies. Such a smooth voice and a wonderful dancer. A joy to watch!