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  • Gene Roddenberry... a god among men, he was.

    Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations (IDIC). I feel so very, very, very honored to escape this world and see it through the eyes of a true visionary like Gene Roddenberry. Growing up sucks for many kids, but being gay made it a little bit more horrible for me. I found comfort in the television programs he brought to this world and based so much of my core-foundation on the principles expressed in the Star Treks. It's sad to say, but true: without his shows... I'd probably be a person that clung to my superficial differences from others and thought of myself as better than other, for those differences, like so many out there today. We're all the same. We all bleed red. We're One Race, on One Planet. Mr. Roddenberry is *SO* much more than just a "10". *SO* much more... and this review could never truly do him justice; nor could anyone else's for that matter.

    A god among men, he was. --And that's coming from an atheist (thanks to him and thankfully for him), that's the highest "praise" I can give.
  • This is the kind of person who can shape lives.

    If it wasn't for Gene then there would be no Trek, if it wasn't for Trek then I would certainly not be the Science Fiction fan that I am. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without the blessing of Sci Fi. I owe this for the most part to Gene Roddenberry. I recognise that Star Trek became what it was because of the fans and to them, my undying gratitude. Always remember that every great journey has to have a first stepu and Roddenberry started his with a triple jump. His genius will be hard to replace.