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  • This critic has influence me!

    I gre up watching "Siskel and ebert" and every Friday, I get the chicago tribune, just to read the latest reviews from Gene Siskel. I was shocked when I learned on Feb. 20th, 1999 that Gene Siskel as passed away. I'm currently writing movie reviews for The Big Screen Cinema Guide and I feel as if I'm carrying on his legacy. I continue to read Roger Ebert's reviews in the Chicago Sum-Times. but it was siskel that got me really thinking about what I do with my future and that is writing movie reviews. I missed him very much, but I remember him every day of my life.
  • Doesn\'t know a damn thing about movies

    trashing star wars is bad enough but when you trash horror movies thats going over the line.
    like diaper boy these 2 idiots took movies way to seriously and when a slasher movie came out he would trash it.its just a movie the movie is not alive nobody is realy dying here. another thing about zombie boy why did he trash scream this movie restarted the horror movie.