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  • I rcv a vcml msg from my sis whod seen Charlie & the Chocolat Factory commercl,say'g "They've desecratd the great Willy Wonka! I agreed. We're Wilder Wonkaites 2 the core! You don't mess w/perfectn: "Amazing Grace","How Great Thou Art" & GW's Wonka!

    No disrespect 2 Jonnie Depp, a talented actor. There were a few redeeming qualities about the remake: the emphasis on Wonka's personal family background and the ending. If they had developed that aspect as the theme & story line & not tried to improve on the basic story line of Willy Wonka, the film could find its own standing alongside the original. Ironically Gene Wilder is praised for this & many other films but "The Frisco Kid" is often not mentioned but is one of the top two best for Gene Wilder in my book. Anybody with a real good warped since of humor can appreciate that movie. It was fortunate to track down a VHS copy if it & I will hang on to it for dear life. And you know that film also highlights another one of the great actors of our day: Mr. Harrison Ford. The two are an awesome duo in this film. If you haven't seen it, then do so! God bless ya Mr. Wilder. I miss ya on the screen these days. I understand you have been ill. But I am glad to hear that you are still artistically busy, writing these days!