Gene Wood

Gene Wood


10/20/1925, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA



Birth Name

Eugene Edward Wood


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He was the voice who told families to get "ready for action" and get "on your marks, let's start ... the FAMILY FEEEUUUDDD!!!" Each day, viewers looked forward to his unique interpretation of viewer-submitted poems before "Card Sharks." And, he always let us in on the answer by…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • In my eye's there will never be another man that i could compare him to.He stands alone!

    This man not only worked his rear end off in the entertainment industry making people of all ages smile,he also had the gift of laughter in his personal life.He could make the long line at the every day routine grocery store or bank or the name it,enjoyable.He could have even the grouchiest person there laughing and in a good mood by the time he was done with whatever he had come in there to do! And the best reason of it all was because he loved to see people laugh and enjoy themselves.

    He always said "working for television is so rewarding because it gives back to the community" I thank you ,Gene Wood!moreless
  • Talented and one of the best in the biz!

    I remember hearing his voice on Family Feud and Card

    Sharks among other great game shows growing up as a

    Fan of game shows. One of the best and long considered

    A legend in game show announcing. Though he is missed by

    Game show fans like myself, we still have him through the miracle of technology and of course, game show network!