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  • Genevieve Cortese

    Most Recent Role: Kris Furillo on Wildfire
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: San Francisco, California
    Birthday: 1-8-1981
    Birth Name: Jennifer Cortese

    Genevieve Cortese was born in San Francisco, but moved to Idaho when she was young. Luckily, that gave her a chance to grow up in a more "rustic" setting, and get to know horses. That helped her out with her current role on "Wildfire," for which she is best-known. Genevieve enjoys snowboarding, surfing, soccer, running, and reading books in her spare time. She attended the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. TV Credits - Star(1)
    Wildfire - Kris Furillo TV Credits - Guest Star(1)
    The Dead Zone - Chloe Movie Credits (From MovieTome)(1)
    Kids in America - Ashley Genevieve Cortese is my favorite actor and I found out about her from when I started watching Wildfire.

    She's the best actor in the world!
  • I love her as Kris Furillo!

    I'd have to say that Genevieve is one of my favorite television actresses. She hasn't really appeared in any other shows except an episode of The Dead Zone, but I think she could have a big career. Just seeing her in Wildfire, she's been able to do many different emotions. I think she could be talented in any kind of situation: drama, comedy, action adventure. She's proved that she can do just that because in different episodes she's shown us what she can do. I would like to expect that she could make it on the big screen after a little more experience. But Wildfire is starting her out to an even bigger career. Genevieve is also very pretty, and she seems very down to earth. I think that she has that kind of girl next door look, but a tougher attitude. She can be very shy and genuine, but she can also stick up for herself. She can be the girly girl, but she can also be the tomboy. I think it's that kind of flexibility that will make her a big star in time. But for now I think she's doing an amazing job as Kris on Wildfire, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • as the classifacation ... talented

    I like Genevieve Cortese because I think she is a good role model, [ once again I think she is talented], and I think she is a good acteress. I first saw her in Wildfire and fell in love with the show. sometimes when she smiles it is like her mouth is like sorta big if you know what I mean not making fun I mean there are things wrong with me too but thats just my opinion besides that I think she is a real pretty girl. Alot of my friends only watch the show to watch her. so you get.
  • Genevieve Cortese is very natural looking and it's easy to relate to her. She is not one of those actresses that is so unrealistic, and so far from reality, she seems really down to earth.

    Genevieve Cortese becomes Kris in the show. Her acting is great. Her eyes showed that she cares about what goes on and that she is human. She doesn't look fake, she looks like someone that if you saw on the street you could walk up and talk to her. I think she really plays the role of Kris perfectly. She really brings the character to life.
  • Do you ride horses in real life, or is this just for the show?

    I think you are a really good rider, and a really good actress, and oh so lucky to be acting with Ryan Sypek, he's so hot, you guys are a cute couple in real life! I also admire your part as being a person who turned their life around after making some bad decisions.
  • Kris on Wildfire

    I think that Genevieve Cortese is a very very talented actress. Eventhough i've only seen her on the abc family show Wildfire she pretty cool. Personally I think she should do a movie or something to get her name better known all around. I like wildfire so I hope she and the show sticks around for a while.
  • This girl's on Wildfire, the new ABC family orginal series about a 18-year old girl that goes to live and work at a farm with horses.

    After seeing her appearance in Wildfire, Genevieve Cortese is my favorite actress by far! Her captivating preformance on screen is amazing. She makes you really feel how that character is feeling. I'm sure she's going to go really far with her career. She's amazingly naturally beautiful, she doesn't have to put on a ton of make-up to make herself pretty. She naturally is. I hope this one goes far. She's a very talented, and I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing her on the big screen.
  • Genevieve Cortese is an amazing actress.

    Genevieve Cortese is amazing! When I found out this was her first 'big time' role I was in disbelief. She has so much talent that it is hard to believe she was never scooped up by a producer or something before. I do not think that Wildfire would be half the show it is without the amazing cast, but especially Genevieve [and maybe Ryan too :P].
  • Genevieve is a very talented young actress, and I look forward to seeing her in upcoming shows and movies. She's pretty, and plays her role in Wildfire well...

    Genevieve is a very talented young actress, and I look forward to seeing her in upcoming shows and movies. She's pretty without being slutty, and plays her role in Wildfire well, and i love her part in it. Personally, I'd like to see her hook up with 'Junior': he seems to have more to offer.
  • I can Sum her in up one"1" word , Talented!!!

    She has so much talent and passion in her work , WIldfire is the only show that i have seen her on adn whent this show ends , i can see her doing major blockbuster movies and maybee even starring on a long term major shows. She might even be doing major guest starring roles on important prime time shows. I like her wehn she acts dn I hope that the continues.
  • Absolutely the best ever!!!

    I absolutely love this show....she is an awesome actress. I hope she stars in much more in the future...can\'t wait for the next episode :) I would have to say that this is my favorite show of all times and she is so awesome as the star of the show... I can\'t ever wait for Monday nights to roll around :) This show is going to make her one of the greats!!!!!!!!
  • this is my summary. SIMPLY AWESOME

    I think she is soooo talented, and my gosh!
    I love the role she plays, she just like suits it so well.
    I have to say \"wildfire\" is probably my newest favorite show.
    And gosh! Her co-stars are awesome especially the
    Overall i think i might have a new favorite actress..
    Oh and by the way ..
    Birthdate: January 8, 1981 [24 years old]
    that\'s her bday and age.
    go to this site to find out more about her.

    -The person who left this.
  • This girl is on "Wild"fire.

    This girl is on wildfire and is on fire she is such a great actress and it doesn't hurt that she look incredible, i can see her after this show ends staring in the biggest movies and even staring in her very own t.v. show, and when it does happen I will be there watching.