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    • In August 2008, Keighley, was promoted to as the Executive of Game Publisher Relations for the Spike TV network, the same network for which he hosts Game Trailers.

    • Geoff writes an online article called "Keighley's Q" for, a online videogame rental company. The 'Q' is in reference to the queue that users add their games to.

    • Geoff was listed as one of the "Gaming's Top 50 Journalists of 2006" according to the webzine Next Generation.

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at

      Spike TV
      Game Trailers TV (2008-present) - Host
      Game Head (2005-present) - Host

      E3 07 Live - Host

      E3 06 Live - Microsoft Press Conference Correspondent

      2005 Race to G-Phoria (2005) - Waiter in Fight
      Countdown to Xbox 360 (2005) - Co-Host (Seattle Coverage)
      Toyko Game Show (2005) - Interviewer

    • In 2005, Geoff was a judge for the "Game Critics Awards."

    • Keighley graduated magna cum laude with degrees in Philosophy and Business from the University of Southern California.

    • At the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Geoff hosted the "Sneek Peaks" panel. This panel previews games coming out later in the year. 2005's covered The Godfather , King Kong and Call of Duty II.

    • In August 2005, Keighley was interviewed on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" for their "Flops: Failure in Four Parts" series. Geoff discussed Daikatana, the failed second videogame release from Doom co-creator John Romero.

    • Keighley was one of only two journalists - the other being Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes - profiled in the Harvard Business School Pressbook Geeks & Geezers: How Era, Values and Defining Moments Shape Leaders by leadership expert Warren Bennis.

    • Keighley is a monthy contributior for Business 2.0 and Entertainment Weekly. His articles cover current trends in the video game industry.

    • Geoff was a panel moderator at the 2004 Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences' D.I.C.E. Summit. The summit is a two day seminar event for the video game industry.

    • Along with Amber MacArthur, Keighley is one of only two G4 on-air personalities to have been guests on a show and would later go on to become a host of the same show. For Amber it was Call for Help, for Geoff it was

    • Is one of only three on-air personalities on the G4 network to host two shows on the network: The Electric Playground and

    • Geoff was one of twelve video game journalists chosen by GameDaily as one of the "Best Journalists of 2005."

    • Geoff is the contributing editor for GameSpot's "Behind the Games." For "Behind the Games", Geoff interviews video game makers and creators for articles written exclusively for GameSpot.

    • For two years, Geoff wrote the monthly backpage column "The Business on Xbox" for Official Xbox Magazine.

    • Geoff was one of only four G4 personalities to cover live the U.S. release of the Xbox 360 video game system on November 21, 2005. The others were Kristin Holt, Kevin Pereira and Eddie George. Geoff broadcasted from the Seattle, Washington release.

    • Geoff was the only video game reporter to receive an interview with the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show. The interview included a discussion on the recently announced, and somewhat controversial, Nintendo Revolution game controller.

    • Geoff appears on occasion for the "Extra Arcade" videogame segment shown during the weekend edition of the celebrity news television show Extra.

    • Because of his extensive past in reporting the video game industry, Geoff has been called the "Dean of the Gaming Press."

  • Quotes

    • On his promtion to Executive of Game Publisher Relations
      Geoff: This executive promotion allows me to be more strategic in what I do. What we want to do here is that we have this cohesive unit and a 365 day coverage, and now I have all the resources of MTV to promote these games in the biggest way possible.