Geoff Stults

Geoff Stults


12/15/1977, Detroit, Michigan

Birth Name

Geoffrey Manton Stults


  • Michael Clarke Duncan, Geoff Stults and ...
  • Geoff Stults in Happy Town.
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Geoffrey Manton Stults was born December 15, 1977 in Detroit Michigan and raised in Colorado. Growing up Geoff began to have a passion for sports and played on teams throughout his childhood. He started his career at the age of seven by doing commercials alongside with his brother…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Geoff Stults is really funny.

    Geoff Stults is really funny. When he is playing ben on 7th heaven it totally comes out in his character. Everytime i watch him i just crack up. In real life he is really funny too. I watched him on trading spaces and i never have laughed so much. he's just fun to watch. I was on the airplane and the show Joey came on. I look up and all of a sudden geoff is on the screen. I was so excited! He just puts you in a good mood! I think everyone should go watch him on 7th heaven and whatever other shows and movies he's in.moreless
  • Amazing!

    Gotta love Geoff Stults. He was probably my favorite in '7th Heaven.' He just had this lovable feel about him, like he's your favorite uncle or big brother. He made you want to get to know him. In the show, Stults was goofy, in a hilarious kind of way. He played the part extremely well and seemed like a REAL person. Like the way my own brothers and friends might act. I haven't seen him in anything else, but I'm thinking I'm going to check out 'Happy Town' next, just because he's in it!

    So if you haven't checked him out yet, get to it! I think you'll like him.moreless