Geoff Stults





12/15/1977 , Detroit, Michigan

Birth Name

Geoffrey Manton Stults




Geoffrey Manton Stults was born December 15, 1977 in Detroit Michigan and raised in Colorado. Growing up Geoff began to have a passion for sports and played on teams throughout his childhood. He started his career at the age of seven by doing commercials alongside with his brother George. It wasn't until 2002 that Geoff got his first major role. He was given the role of Ben Kinkirk, a fireman at the department where Mary Camden was training and Mary's soon-to-be new love interest. Although it was only after a year on the show that he was cut out, but he still remains as a guest-star on the show from time to time. Geoff is very close to his family and spends a good amount of time with them.