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Geoffrey Dolan

Geoffrey Dolan


12/29/1964, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Birth Name

Geoffrey Patrick Dolan



Also Known As

Geoff Dolan
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Geoffrey grew up playing sports and performing in local theatre and musicals. He was hard pressed to choose between his two loves, rugby and singing. But in the end he chose the theatre, and has never looked back, even though he has occasionally had to take other jobs…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Geoffrey is an MC for Karaoke nights and events.

    • Geoffrey is a tutor in music, theatresports, and improvisation.

    • Geoffrey has done many non broadcast videos, including those for NZPO, BNZ, Justice Dept, ANZ Corporate, Shell, Employers Assoc, and the Commerce Axt Guide Dept of Conservation.

    • Geoffrey appeared in the short film Grace.

    • Geoffrey has done numerous actors workshops, including those for character development, movement, and theatre sports. He also studied singing under Emily Mair for 18 months.

    • Geoffrey's theatre credits include Foreskins Lament, The Cherry Orchard, Footrot Flats, The Share Club, Up N Under, The Affair, Ladies Night, After the Crash Lettice and Lovage, Bright Birds, 3 Musketeers, Glengarry Glenross, A Streetcar named Desire, Three men on a Horse, Our Country's Good, Recruiting Officer, Burn This, Single Spies, Once Upon a Mattress, Three Sisters, Pack of Girls, The Pearl Fishers, My Fair Lady, Flatmates Wanted, Treasure Island Hamlet, and Into the Woods.

    • Geoffrey does impersonations of Elvis as one of his acts.

    • In 1991, Geoffrey wrote, produced and directed a Theatre Restaurant Production.

    • Geoffrey has made commercials for Municipal Electricity Supplier, Holden Commodore, Tip Top Cooler, Guthrie Bowron, Lotto Combo, Dynamo, and Consumer Magazine.

    • Geoffrey is extremely athletic. He's highly skilled at cricket, golf, and rugby. He also plays basketball, squash, tennis, and enjoys boxing, horseback riding, and swimming.

    • Geoffrey sings in the baritone range, and can play brass instruments.

    • Geoffrey is not only licensed to drive a car and a boat, he is also licensed to drive a forklift.

    • Geoffrey is represented professionally by the Robert Bruce Agency of Auckland. He's also listed with Celebrity Speakers NZ Ltd as an MC/conference host.

    • Geoffrey has been the Chairman and President of his local soccer Club.

    • Geoffrey is 6'2", with black hair and dark brown eyes.

    • Geoffrey's nicknames are Doley and GG.

    • In the telefeature Lawless 2, Geoffrey plays the family man partner of Kevin Smith's lone wolf cop. The role of family man was easy for the him to portray despite the fact that he was single at the time, because he said he was really just playing Kevin Smith himself, since Smith is such a great husband and father.

    • Geoffrey was best mates with fellow Hercules actor Kevin Smith before Kevin's untimely death. They lived next door to each other, watched rugby together, and Geoffrey was always ready to pitch in as a babysitter. Kevin's son Oscar is his godson.

    • Geoffrey takes part in Theatre Sports, which is an improvisational comic exercise. He was part of an All Star line up which included Oliver Driver, Jodie Rimmer, Mark Ferguson, Clare Kelso, Mark Wright, Te Radar and Alison Wall. He also teaches TheatreSports and Improvisation at the secondary school and university level.

    • Geoffrey created a bit of a furore when he stated on the record that the children acting in the musical Oliver in Christchurch's Court Theatre, including the young man playing Oliver, should be paid. The Court Theatre's representation claimed it was a tempest in a teacup, and that the boys were pleased to have the chance to act and build their resume in the professional production.

    • Geoffrey Dolan has been a corporate entertainer in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Malaysia for over fifteen years. He leads his many major corporation seminars through various client functions, sales conferences, awards nights and roadshows. He presents himself sometimes as a character named Gott de Borstad, South African Safari Park Ranger who assists people finding their way through the corporate jungle. Other characters include the tracksuit wearing Shagga Wilson, who is a "Sports Mental Ability Specialist", who helps athletes think out side the box, and the sci-fi themed Commander DB Nova, who takes business into the future.

    • Geoffrey has worked as bank clerk and for the Cadbury Chocolate factory.

    • Geoffrey's two loves growing up were rugby and musical theatre. He thought about trying for a career for rugby, but then he played against a few All Blacks (New Zealand's national team), and realized that was a no go. Then he was told that a local theatre was doing a play about rugby, and knew that this was his opportunity to live both his dreams at the same time!

  • Quotes

    • Geoffrey: (on the impact of "The Lord of the Rings" movies in New Zealand) It's huge. I think I was the only actor in New Zealand not to get any work on it.

    • Geoffrey: I prefer the stage. And on stage, I prefer musicals, because I love singing. In New Zealand, however, you have to have your finger in many pies, many strings to the bow, because there's no way you can maintain a career here being very specific in one of the genres. You have to be part of everything or else you wouldn't make a living. Musical theatre is not that consistent in New Zealand and very few people make a living at singing and they're all overseas.

    • Geoffrey: (after the 911 terrorist attacks) We sometimes feel a little secluded down here, and as recent events have transpired it would be a seclusion that is possibly a little envied. But it can also have it's problems. To fully appreciate what you have, you try to have as full an awareness of your sphere as possible. This was made to seem very small of late. I cannot fully appreciate what has happened. I can only support and console from afar and realise that what I do, not just as an actor, but as a person, has a very minor consequence in the bigger picture. But I will keep doing it. I truly love what I do and love the enjoyment I am able to bring people in my own small way. It sounds cliched but, dare to dream, reach for the highest and never stop believing in yourself.

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