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Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes


Wallasey, Cheshire, England, UK



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Geoff Hughes
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Geoffrey began his extensive stage career at the Victoria Theatre in Stoke on Trent. He then appeared in several West End productions, such as Say Goodnight To Grandma and Run For Your Wife. He appeared in numerous TV shows, including Coronation Street, Keeping Up Appearances, where he plays…more


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    • Geoffrey: The only dangerous thing that happened during filming was an occasion when Onslow's car caught fire. We had been filming the car driving back and forth down a country road. We then set up some shots inside the car to do a dialogue scene. We were just about to start when we smelt burning. The next thing we knew the engine compartment of the car was in flames. We all bailed out and the fire was quickly put out. It's a situation that real Onslows must have to cope with all the time.

    • Geoffrey: [On Keeping Up Appearances] I had not worked with Roy Clarke and had only worked with one member of the cast before, Shirley Stellfox, the original Rose. I did know everyone else's work. I think part of the success of the show was that we all had a great respect for each other's work.

    • Geoffrey: The tattoos are of course transfers. The one on the forearm is a bikers motif which says "Live to Ride," and the other says "Mum and Dad." They take a couple of days to scrub off.

    • Geoffrey: The dancing at the end of the QEl I was scripted. However it was one of the most difficult shots to do. It was a long shot starting with Onslow and Hyacinth extremely wary of each other and ending in a grand kneesup. I'm pleased to say we got it in one take and it looked great.

    • Geoffrey: Because of the advertising rules in UK the beer Onslow drank changed from week to week. I'm a real ale fan myself and it was nice to see on a recent trip to Ohio that there are a lot of micro breweries making really good beer.

    • Geoffrey: [On more Keeping Up Appearances episodes] The set is dismantled and stored at the BBC Television Center at Shepherds Bush in London. So in theory we could do some more, and personally I'd be very happy to.

  • Geoffrey Hughes is an extremely versatile English actor who is beloved by audiences throughout the world.

    When you say the name Geoffrey Hughes, most people think of the hilarious character of Onslow (who never had a surname) from the huge British hit 'Keeping Up Appearances'. Onslow was the personification of the unemployed, slob layabout, interested more in television and horse riding than anything else. Certainly the idea of gainful employment never appealed to him! Geoffrey portrayed him to perfection and fans of the show loved the character, even though he was only the second male lead. His comic timing was perfect and he was loveable in every respect, even if he was too lazy to get out of his chair most of the time!

    Along with 'Keeping Up Appearances', Geoffrey is well known to fans of 'Heartbeat' in which he played Vernon, a rather slippery and sly character and certainly worlds apart from Onslow but this fact serves to highlight Geofffrey's versatility as an actor. He also has a great deal of training on the stage and has many strong roles under his belt.

    In April of 2010, it was announced that Geoffrey was battling prostate cancer for the second time after having been cleared of the disease in 2009.moreless