Geoffrey Lewis





San Diego, California



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Geoffrey Lewis, an American actor, was born on July 31, 1935, in San Diego, California. After years of acting in off-Broadway productions in Massachusetts and New York, he had his first minor movie role in The Culpepper Cattle Co. in 1972. From there, he played as gangster Harry Pierpont in Dillinger (1973) before starting a long association with Clint Eastwood. His first film with Eastwood was High Plains Drifter in 1973, then Thunderbolt and Lightfoot in 1974, Every Which Way But Loose in 1978, Any Which Way You Can in 1980, Bronco Billy in 1980, Pink Cadillac in 1989, and in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil in 1997. Other films he has starred are Down in the Valley, with Edward Norton, The Butcher, with Eric Roberts, Maverick, with Mel Gibson, and When Every Day Was the Fourth of July, with Dean Jones. Outside the movie sphere, he has starred in several television shows including Law & Order: Criminal Intent, My Name is Earl and the 1980 - 1981 sitcom Flo, acting as bartender Earl Tucker, which lasted two seasons and 29 episodes. His performance in the drama series earned him a Golden Globe nomination.