Geoffrey Owens

Geoffrey Owens


3/18/1961, Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Geoffrey Owens



Also Known As

Geoffrey C. Owens
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Geoffrey has founded his own group, The Brooklyn Shakespeare Company and has taught Shakespeare at the famed HB Studios in New York City. And also taught at Yale University and at Florida State University's graduate drama program (Sarasota).

    • Geoffrey graduated with honors from John Dewey High School and magna cum laude from Yale University. He majored in English and minored in Theatre Studies.

    • Geoffrey is an excellent guitar player. He also plays the viola and piano and sings.

    • Geoffrey is married to Josette Owens, and they have one son, Jordyn.

    • Geoffrey Owens is the son of United States Congressman Major Owens.

    • Geoffrey is 5'10" tall.

  • Quotes

    • Geoffrey Owens: Because of my background and personal experience, I feel more at home in the plays and characters of Shakespeare, Moliere and Chekhov than I do in those depicting the Afro-American experience.

    • Geoffrey Owens: My perspective on non-traditional casting may be unique in some ways. I am an "inter-racial" actor who doesn't consider himself black or white. I have always resisted the temptation to think, for the sake of identity of myself as one or the other, and have discouraged others from labeling me for the sake of convenience-as black.

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