George Alan





2/27/1972 , Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

George Alan Minott




George Alan is from Detroit, Michigan. He was plucked from a local mall at the age of sixteen by a modeling scout and for the next decade worked in the major markets of New York, Miami, Chicago, Greece, Milano and cities throughout Asia.

He turned the tables and became a photographer for the Elite and Wilhelmina Agencys before moving to Los Angeles.

George worked on stage and in commercials until landing the role of the "La Guy" on Ally McBeal. He continued to work in television roles on Friends, Charmed, ,The Division, Entourage, 24, Lost and Criminal Minds, before landing a recurring role on UPN's hit Girlfriends, as their flirty bartender.

George played smaller roles in the features, Repli-Kate, (Frankie opposite Ali Landry, and Richard Day, indie-favorite Straight-Jacket. He landed the lead role of Walter, the tough yet incompetent son of a Mafia kingpin opposite Twink Caplan in Sweet Tessie and Bags. This led to the juicy role of Drago, the foreign and very passionate movie director in the comedy Secrets of a Hollywood Nurse, with Twink Caplan and Stacey Dash, written and directed by Willard Huyck(Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).

George's latest work Naked Run, is a comedy in post production. He played the role of Fari Fallujah opposite Charles Durning.