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  • Comming soon TV-MOVIE/PILOT "SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD NURSE" Secrets of a hollywood nurse:

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    This tv-movie/pilot,is a dark comedy follows a few days in the life of our favorite Nurse/Actress, Tanya Brandt who gets caught in a psychotic entanglement with one of her homicidal patients. The film starts with a very dramatic "death montage soliloquy", a monologue patchwork of movie death scenes, that lead to Tanya's drug overdose death. We fade to blackout & abruptly find that she is alive & well on-stage, bowing before a full "Actor's Showcase" audience. We follow Tanya on her nursing rounds, which take her into the exotic lifestyles of Hollywood's rich & famous. Tanya rattles on about her stellar performance of her "death montage soliloquy" & about her new agent, Stan. Her career is about to take off! Then Tanya meets Marla, her newest patient, a "has-been" of '60s B-movie fame. Tanya's life starts to fall apart, as Marla drives her into an out-of-control, girl-on-girl pool fight-scene & a soap-opera death scene that may be a little too real. "Secrets of a Hollywood Nurse" is a tightly wound, sinisterly humorous tale of the descent of an egocentric young nurse/actress into the depths of the insanity, narcissism & deadly desperation of Hollywood.