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George Boswell

George Boswell

Birth Name

George Boswell



Also Known As

Chicken George
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  • It's the chicken man!

    George Boswell, or Chicken George as the most of us know him, was the star of Big Brother 7 and Big Brother 1. In both games, he placed 5th, and won all of our hearts over. Although he never really knew what he was doing, he managed to get extremely far. George is famous for wearing a suit made of aluminum in one eviction ceremony, and going all the way (shaving his head, eating slop for 60 plus days) in a veto competition. The look on George's face when he won HoH was priceless. The only time George was really targeted was in Week 3 of BB7 when James was HoH, and when he was evicted. Overall, I love George, and hope he makes future appearances in the Big Brother world.moreless