George Clinton






Birth Name

Kannapolis, North Carolina




George Clinton is an American funk musician from Kannapolis, North Carolina. He is a singer, songwriter and producer who is widely regarded as one of the three most important funk musicians of all time; the other two are James Brown and Sly Stone. Clinton was born in North Carolina but spent most of his childhood in central New Jersey. Shortly after he graduated from high school, he took a job writing Motown songs, and had his first hit ("I Wanna Testify") in 1967. Clinton is primarily associated with a funk band called The Parliaments, who also performed using the names "Parliament" and "Funkadelic." For clarity, modern writers often refer to the band as "Parliament-Funkadelic" or simply "P-Funk." During the 1970's, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic released 40 hit singles; three of their albums went platinum. The following decade, Clinton also embarked upon a solo career, and began taking more work as a music producer. Since the 1980's Clinton has produced nearly all the albums on which he performs.