George Eads

George Eads


3/1/1967, Forth Worth, Texas

Birth Name

George Coleman Eads III


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George Eads is the son of Arthur 'Cappy' Eads, a retired District Attorney, and Vivian Baker, superintendent of Belton Schools. George attended high school in Belton, Texas and later graduated from Texas Tech University. In 1994 George moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. George Eads…more


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    • George Eads: (on his favorite person to work with on CSI) Marg! Marg is awesome. I love her, I love being around her.

    • George Eads: My TV's always on SportsCenter, Comedy Central or the Discovery Channel.

    • George Eads: I love what I do and I love the fans.

    • George Eads: But after that first year it went from man, this is cool, to now, I can't go into the grocery store.

    • George Eads: I think in this business, the more you let it go the more it kind of seems to come back to you.

    • George Eads: (On CSI's success) I think people like to solve puzzles. I think when they tune to the show...they feel like they're really learning something. It seems like in this day and age, with computers, the TV's become more than just this "boob tube": people can tune in, learn something and have a good time.

    • George Eads: (On co-star William Petersen) I add things (to scenes), so does everybody. We get it from Billy. Billy is the king of adding things to scenes. He's a great guy.

    • George Eads: I think I have a respect for these public servants; for firemen, investigators and police officers. They don't do it for the money. They do it for the people. The victims can't fight for themselves anymore. I pattern a lot of how Nick acts after my dad and some of his values and beliefs.

    • George Eads: I was going to play the exact same look, the exact same hairstyle for as long as the show went. And then I was late for work and got fired, and that made me mad, so I shaved my head.

    • George Eads: I think people would be suprised at how much we curse when we screw up. I'm like somebody with Tourette's Syndrome.

    • George Eads: Many forms, sizes and colors, I think there are heroes in sports, in life...It would be cliché to say my dad, my granddad. I think I'm a fan of people who were brave, my aunt, my grandmother, those are my heroes.

    • George Eads: It's a gruesome, brutal, horrible thing that CSIs have to do and I hold them in such respect. They're really superheroes, those guys. They fight for people who can't fight for themselves any more. I think it's really noble, so I just try to instill as much fearlessness and selflessness in the character as I can.

    • George Eads: The message I could send to fans is: give celebrities a break.

    • George Eads: I caught a lot of flak about my appearance and I sure chuckle because it didn't hurt our ratings at all. I want to send a message that it's not about what you look like. It seems to be part of my introduction, this fascination with my own looks, so I try to move into waters a little bit deeper than that.

    • George Eads: It would take a lot of guts for a guy to stalk me. I'd pretty much take care of that problem myself.

    • George Eads: (On when he realized that he "made it") I was deep, deep, deep in the rain forest in Spain, and these two old ladies were looking in the souvenir window and they didn't speak a word of English, and they said 'CSI' and pointed at me.

  • George Eads = George Eads' biggest fan

    Early in his career on CSI, yes, I would agree he could act well. His performance in Grave Danger was excellent, however since he received all the compliments and accolades around that time, it has gone completely to his head. His ego has outshone any acting talent he had and he now comes across as an arrogant hot head who uses his character to play an old time cowboy. He acts like a tough guy wannabe....someone who would run and cry if ever challenged. He needs to get back to his acting roots and start taking more direction. Get over yourself, George!!moreless
  • We need a hero!

    And in George Eads alter-ego Nick Stokes we have a perfect one.Nick is kind,dedicated,not afraid to show his emotions.He would fight to the death to do the right thing.If one wanted someone to run to when in trouble,it would be N.S. George Eads is a superb actor able to convey everything from terror to righteous anger to gentleness to comedy.Mr. Eads is also very handsome with a smile that could melt the polar ice caps, or any woman,s heart.Could listen to his Texan accent for hours,days at a time.Criticisms are about the nasty habit the writers seem to have of sidelining him.Why no more on his reaction to being buried alive?Expressed by a look askance and a shudder at a large cockroach.Surely such a trauma would produce flashbacks,even after a goodly amount of time.One thing fascinates me,his ever changing haircut.Glad the sudden shaved head was explained as hair problemd from playing Evel Kneivel.Hair disappearance plus what looked like bad sunburn awoke in me dark thoughts of radiotherapy and worse.Thank the Lord it was not so.Mr. Eads if you are as genuine a person in your own being as Nick is as a character, your friends and family are blessed indeed.moreless