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  • George Eads = George Eads' biggest fan

    Early in his career on CSI, yes, I would agree he could act well. His performance in Grave Danger was excellent, however since he received all the compliments and accolades around that time, it has gone completely to his head. His ego has outshone any acting talent he had and he now comes across as an arrogant hot head who uses his character to play an old time cowboy. He acts like a tough guy wannabe....someone who would run and cry if ever challenged. He needs to get back to his acting roots and start taking more direction. Get over yourself, George!!
  • We need a hero!

    And in George Eads alter-ego Nick Stokes we have a perfect one.Nick is kind,dedicated,not afraid to show his emotions.He would fight to the death to do the right thing.If one wanted someone to run to when in trouble,it would be N.S. George Eads is a superb actor able to convey everything from terror to righteous anger to gentleness to comedy.Mr. Eads is also very handsome with a smile that could melt the polar ice caps, or any woman,s heart.Could listen to his Texan accent for hours,days at a time.Criticisms are about the nasty habit the writers seem to have of sidelining him.Why no more on his reaction to being buried alive?Expressed by a look askance and a shudder at a large cockroach.Surely such a trauma would produce flashbacks,even after a goodly amount of time.One thing fascinates me,his ever changing haircut.Glad the sudden shaved head was explained as hair problemd from playing Evel Kneivel.Hair disappearance plus what looked like bad sunburn awoke in me dark thoughts of radiotherapy and worse.Thank the Lord it was not so.Mr. Eads if you are as genuine a person in your own being as Nick is as a character, your friends and family are blessed indeed.
  • Greatness!

    His role is hard to match up to. He's a lifesaver and a sweetheart. It's hard to be both at the right time and the right place and he definitely knows how to handle that!
  • I think he is amazing on the show and could be even bigger on the big screen, no pun intended! He is talented, gorgeous and has the greatest smile!

    Love his work, love his smile, love his show! I started watching CSI Vegas because I saw George Eads on a commercial for the show. I quickly became addicted to the show and although he is beautiful the show took over and he became an added bonus. I am glad to see them expanding his character and even happier to see that he got rid of his "Beatles" hair style cut! He is gorgeous and that hair cut just did not do him any justice at all!
  • Nicky! Cute, Adorable, lovable, handsome, humorous, sexy!

    Awesome as Nick on CSI! Personally, He's my favorite on that show. He;s the sexiest on the show. Smartest on the show and funniest on the show. He was amazing in the episode "Grave Danger" When his character was buried alive. He was also great in the episodes "Gum Drops" and "Daddy's Little Girl". An amazing actor. I wish he had more roles. He also performed well in "Evel Knievel" with Jaime Pressley. I feel that he is very underrated and I wish he could get more recognition because he is extremely talented. He's a beautiful Texas boy. What more could you ask for?
  • Thanks to CSI for introducing us such a Great actor.

    He is a very talented actor with a fabulous smiling. He really plays Nick Stokes very well; I hope he stays in the show till the end because if he goes out too, I will definitely stop watching it. His best episode was "Grave Danger" and after that episode his character developed a lot. I believe that he will be a great star also in big screen because until now he was under rated but from now on with the leaving of Grissom and Warrick, his character in the show became more important.
    I hope to see him in a big movie in near future…
  • One of my "new" favorites actors...

    I've been watching CSI Las Vegas since the first chapter and I've never noticed George's talent, but while looking the last episode of season 5, Grave danger I noticed how good it was as actor. I rewatched all season one and I found another great chapter where a woman points his gun to his face and He starts crying. I really could feel his fear, he did something similar in the chapter Stalker, another moment I love is in the first chapter of 6th season where a bug beggind to walk on his arm and He freaks out, and I have not to mention all the grave danger chapters!! I have recently discovered him and now I can't look forward to watch something else of him!!!
    Great job George!!
  • Nicky!! What more can i say?

    Well for starters i think that George is a great actor he plays Nick Stokes very well. I think that we should see him in more movies and tv shows. I have only seen George on CSI. I think that he is very talent and should be on more. I think that George is one of the best actors on TV right now and i cant see antone else playing nicky!!!!!!! Ummmm.... I also think that George needs hair on his head and no hair on his lip! If he EVER grew that thing back i would go shave it off.
  • He plays everyone's friend Nick Stokes on CSI:LV

    George is one of my favorite actors. Not only is he great to look at but he is a fantastic actor. I became a fan of CSI because of his performance in Grave Danger. It is a crime that George never even got one Emmy nomination for that performance. His character has gone through so much and he still remains strong and good. I hope that one day he will get an award for playing Nick
  • CSIs one and only Nick Stokes

    The amount of C**P thats happened to Nick over the 7 season run of CSI. Having a gun pointed in his face about 2, 3 or even 4 times not to mention getting buried alive, this guy dseserves an award. Actually he deserves several awards. Ok first things first hate the tash from season 6 and am not a huge fan of the shaved head, but apart from that great great great. I can not say that enough. I hope that George stays with CSI until it ends which hopefully wont be till a very long time. Now hurry up and get promoted!
  • He\'s really talented and thats awesome!!!

    I think that he really talented well all almost all actors are!!!!!!,But he dose got gorgeous eyes and when it sparkles it\'s awesome!!!LOL and he looks good!!!And plus he haves a nice body!!!! and hes really funny!!!I think he almost the best actor!!!!I like it when he makes jokes up!!And i like his hair cut it brings out his smile!!! seems like he dose get scared in the movies and that what makes him hot i mean that when he scared he really hot!!!At first when i watch CSI i thought he was in his late 20\'s not 30\'s!!!I would love to meet him!!!But when i\'m older i\'m going to travel i love to travel well i got another year bc i\'m 15!!!
  • George is the best actor on TV and plus he is gorgeous.

    I think George Eads is the best actor on the TV and he is really fit, anyone who doesn't like this guy is mad, his smile is so amazing and those puppy dog eyes are to die for, and i just love his laugh.
    I fell in love with his sexy texan accent and the whole guy together he is just absolutly amazing, thats why i have given George 10 out of 10.
    His performances on CSI were great and the Season 5 finale, he played his role great and i cried, he just made it feel so realistic and when he put the gun to his chin i thought he was a gonna.
    I also loved his role in Monte Walsh and he was one sexy Texan, he just fit the role perfectly and i hope shorty has loads of others acting roles in his career because i love to see him act.
  • george, george, george.....why are you hot?

    does he or does he not play the role of nicky stokes on csi perfectly? i love him on csi! his smart remarks everytime he and warrick brown are talking about something, and his little flirting that he did with jorja fox at the beginnin of the show. it was really sad to see him get kidnapped in grave danger and grave danger part deux but i was relieved when they got him out and found him. i love george eads alot and alongside jorja fox, he also had a small part in er. that is when i first saw him and jorja fox and thought they are gonna be big someday. and what happens? they both star on the exact same show and do one hell of a job on it too! he is handsome, smart, funny as hell, and could do the crime scene investigating just as good as any other csi but with a little flare to it. I love you george!
  • One of the best actors on TV right now, maybe even ever.

    You all must know that he plays Nick Stokes on CSI. He should be on the sexest man alive list. He is also a very caring person. He shows off his best acting in Grave Danger 1&2 on CSI. Where he is under ground for most of the episodes. I heard once that he loves dogs and animales alot. He also has a dog too. I beleive he is single and has no children. (I could be wrong). He is very smart and funny. One thing I don't like only one thing, is he is smaller than I thought. But he still looks great shirtless!
  • What in the world did George Eads do to his hair. This handsome man is not looking so handsome as he has in the past. Give him his old hairdo back PLEASE

    Enjoy the show and all the characters. But please do something with George Eads hair, he looks terrible. Really like the show and the people and the stories. But when I see George I almost always make a comment about his hair, please do something about it. I think this show is better than CSI Miami, even thought they have a great cast too.
    Don\'t have any other complaints and always look forward to watching your show. Please keep it on the air as long as possible. There are so many terrible shows on TV that when you enjoy one you want it to stay on the air.
  • george is hot yet funny my personal favorit i would like to meet yet who would know what shows hes on if he did not list the at all 39 years old with a job as a movie star yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    george eads is 39 years old and plays nick stokes as a csi. my personal favorit who gets along good with just about any body sometimes over dramatic but is so cute and not even rude. i would love to meet the cast and director of csi they are the best the number one but crimnals in jail but not for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just love George Eads and was just wondering WHAT WITH THE NEW DO. I love the short hair look. either way he the most talented, good looking actor around today. Never miss CSI normagirl2

    I love the show CSI and especially George Edas, but all the cast make the show what it is today. I never miss an show and I have all the DVD\'S. Keep up the good work and the show will go on for years.
    Love to all and the best of health and happiness to good friends
  • OMG, how hot is George Eads?!?!?! He's a great actor as well!!! I haven't seen him with a mustache yet as I live in Britain ( soooooo not fair, I haven't even seen any of the 6th season!!!)

    George Eads is an amazing actor, and, can we all just accept it... soooooooooooooooooooo
    hot!!! Forget Brad Pitt people, we have found the hottest guy on the planet here!!!
    From what I have heard ( and from what I can imagine) he don't suit a mustache!!! (eww, George, what on earth were you thinking mate?!?!?!)
    Anyway, everyone who loves George Eads and Gary Dourdan ( Also in the running for worlds hottest guy I think!!!) search their names on Google or something. They have a joint website...and it has lots and lots of very, very,very cute pictures people!!!!
    I wish I lived in America sometimes because all you lucky people over their probably see the actors on TV all the time. CSI isn't as big over here in Britain, we've not even started the 6th season yet!!!!!
    Anyway, everyone enjoy George Eads!!!!! Bye!!!

  • George Eads seems like he is very well educated and an all around nice guy. It would be an honor to meet him as it sounds like he has great family values, morals and standards. FINALLY a handsome down to earth TV star!

    George Eads is the best looking TV star around! He also seems like the guy next door that you could really get to know. His family sounds like people I know - not some Hollywood family who just can't relate to the everyday individual. Most other stars today seem a little strange and "out there". George Eads is more approachable (I am just guessing here). I'm not one of these fans that believes I know him, however, I would like to meet him. I just think he seems interesting, nice and down to earth. I have only been to California once so I guess the chance is pretty remote. He is one of the main reasons I watch CSI every week.
  • I think that George eads is so hott!!! I dont really like him with his moustache though:( BUT OH HOW HANDSOME HE IS!!! if you love george as much as i do come to my website ENJOY!!I LUV YOU GEORGE!!!

    I think that he is such a brilliant actor he is just so wonderful the way the words roll off of his lips he is just so wonderful!! anyway CSI is a brillaint show for picking george eads to be on it.... somtimes i even forget that george is not nick and vise versa thats how good i think he is. He is just so handsome i love him!!
  • george eads is FYNE!!!! but he looks better in the previous seasons without the facial hair!!!!

    he might be 38 , but he is like the FYNEST 38 year olds i've seen !!!!!! he is just soooooo HOT!!!!!!!!! all the grls / guys that don't like him , there's somethin' wrong wit you !!!!!!!!!!!
    he's got the looks and he can act !!!!!! what more could a grl want????¿¿¿¿
  • Gorgeous...and talented

    George Eads is the type of actor most people dream of being. He is one of the hottest actors not only on TV, but in Hollywood in general and he has talent to boot. George doesn't get the credit for his talent that he deserves, probably because his career started on a short-lived Aaron Spelling prime-time soap opera. George can cry whenever it calls for his C.S.I. character Nick Stokes to do so and he has the talent to get the audience to cry along with him and feel just exactly what it is he is feeling at that moment. That takes talent. It's unfortunate that George gets overlooked, but eventually people will discover just what a talent he is and just how lucky the people at C.S.I. are to have him.
  • George is one of the best actors on TV. He is the best looking actor there has ever been. I just love looking at him, hearing his voice, & that smile, who couldn't fall in love with a smile like that! I know I did!!

    I have watched every single episode of CSI & George Eads is one of the main reasons that I watch it. George is one of the best actors on TV. He is the best looking actor there has ever been. I just love looking at him, hearing his voice, & that smile, who couldn't fall in love with a smile like that! If the chance was given to me, I would spend the rest of my life with George!
  • Well.. wat cani say? Words Escape me....

    George is a deinate 10 on my list!!
    Great actor, totally hot, what more can i say?
    i loved his movie "A walk in the park" and his role as that medic on ER.
    As for his work on CSI, well its awesome!! he definately deserves an Emmy! Hopefully next year he'll win one, or even at the ppls chice awards this year. GEORGE ROCKS!!!!
  • A man who can act and is absolutely gorgeus, it can only be Geogre Eads!

    Geogre Eads is an absolute asset to CSI, his chrasmatic and loveable personality is a pleasure to watch. He can take me home any day! He has a great screen presence to him and is gorgeus!! He is also not afraid to show a softer side, which makes him even moreendearing to viewers!

    I hope he has a long carear and there are many more episodes of CSI for him to come!
  • He is so cute. You can't help but love him.

    Everything about George Eads is great. He can act, and he is good looking and hot. I must admit, every time I see Nick with his shirt of in CSI I scream because he is so hot. We should see him with his shirt of more often. People should also see more of George Eads in magazines, in fact, we should be seeing more of all the cast of CSI in magazines because they are some of the most talented people on TV today. I’m getting sick of seeing the same people over and over again when we could be seeing more talented people such as George Eads. Popularity doesn't equal talent and it's time people wake up to that fact and give recognition where it is due.
  • By far the best eye candy on TV today.

    George Eads, just a sec let me gain my composure…

    Okay, I am ready. Much like Jorja Fox, I first remember seeing George Eads on ER. He was a paramedic who locked lips with Julianna Margulies. He is now the ultimate heart throb on CSI. He has taken this girl by storm, with the looks and the accent any girl would melt over.

    Overall a great actor, with a long future in television. The more the CSI seasons come about, the more I realize I enjoy watching this guy act. Some people are just not convincing, but this guy does it all right. Will keep waiting for more seasons, to see how he does!
  • George Eads is an outstanding actor and the job he does on CSI to also excellent and indescribable. With that southern accent that can make any girl go weak at the knees just by listening to him. I can't wait til next season to see him do his thing again.

    George Eads is by far ne of the most talented actors on the hit show CSI. With his southern Texan accent it instantly draws you to listen to him every single time. CSI is by one of the all time favourite show of everyone around the world and by having George Eads on the show it makes it must that much more excellent to watch. George Eads over came a lot to be on our screens this year and has worked hard this season to prove that he doesn\'t want to leave the show anytime soon. George Eads is an excellent actor and deserves all the credit he receives!!!!
  • George Eads is one of the up-and-coming Hollywood heartthrobs!

    Move over Orlando Bloom, there's a new Hollywood heartthrob in town! George Eads is a very talented actor, most famous for his role in CSI, on which he plays a CSI Investigator. George Eads is one of the main characters of the show and plays the dependable and intelligent Nicholas Stokes. Nowadays, it seemes like anyone can become an actor if they have friends in high places. Luckily, there is a show that features TRUE talent, such as CSI. He put on a stellar performance on the series finale of CSI when he was locked in a coffin for the 2-hour season fianle. Others may think that Benjamin MacKenzie, Adam Brody or even Orlando Bloom is one of the hottest actors, but in my book George Eads is at the top!