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  • We need a hero!

    And in George Eads alter-ego Nick Stokes we have a perfect one.Nick is kind,dedicated,not afraid to show his emotions.He would fight to the death to do the right thing.If one wanted someone to run to when in trouble,it would be N.S. George Eads is a superb actor able to convey everything from terror to righteous anger to gentleness to comedy.Mr. Eads is also very handsome with a smile that could melt the polar ice caps, or any woman,s heart.Could listen to his Texan accent for hours,days at a time.Criticisms are about the nasty habit the writers seem to have of sidelining him.Why no more on his reaction to being buried alive?Expressed by a look askance and a shudder at a large cockroach.Surely such a trauma would produce flashbacks,even after a goodly amount of time.One thing fascinates me,his ever changing haircut.Glad the sudden shaved head was explained as hair problemd from playing Evel Kneivel.Hair disappearance plus what looked like bad sunburn awoke in me dark thoughts of radiotherapy and worse.Thank the Lord it was not so.Mr. Eads if you are as genuine a person in your own being as Nick is as a character, your friends and family are blessed indeed.