George Gray

George Gray


St Louis, Missouri

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Gray, who was born in St. Louis and raised in Tucson, got an early start in show business. His mother, a casting director, put him in movies as an extra when he asked. His pay: $35 and a day off school - enough to make any fifth-grader happy.


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  • This guys is HYSTERICAL!

    This guy is simply funny and such a flirt, in a good way. Watching and listening to him puts a smile on your face and leaves you wanting more. He's a little goofy mixed with confidence which makes him that much more endearing and attractive.

    The shows I've seen him on allow him to tease the audience with his humor. He has a relaxed and genuine demeanor and is passionate about whatever he's talking about, acting in, making fun of, interviewing, or fixing.

    George is a Guys guy. He's well rounded. He knows how to make a woman feel genuinely flattered and blush with coyness and also is a buddy's best friend and can shoot the breeze about almost anything( whether it's cars, motorcycles, sports, or music) because he is experienced and knowledgeable in all those areas. I'd love to see more of him on the screen, TV and Film.moreless
  • weakest link is not all he can do.

    George is a talanted actor that has hit our screens today. He plays each part he gets with conviction and talent. He makes you believe in each role he plays. You want to love him in the parts where he is the teddy bear actor and hate him when he plays a bad guy. He is not used enough in films where he can show his talent off more. He portrays characters that don\'t have lots of depths at times. He needs a great role where he can be seen as the actor he is. keeping us laughing is his passion and he does it well.moreless