George Harmon Coxe





1/30/1984 , Olean, New York

Birth Name





He was born in Olean, New York, and spent his youth there and in near by Elmira. After a year at Purdue and one at Cornell, he spent five years with newspaper in California, Florida, and New York, then did advertising for a New England printer for five years more. Since that time he has devoted himself entirely to writing for two years with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the rest of the time as a free lance, selling numerous short stories, novelettes, and serials to magazines as well as to moving picture, radio, and television producers. Mr. Coxe's detective stories have won him an outstanding place in the field such as Crime Photographer (1951-1952) season when it was produced by CBS, which afforded Darren McGavin one of the earliest starring roles as the crack crime photographer. Coxe's prefer writing books and he was a particularly profiled author, writing a total of 63 novels, his last published in 1975. The Mystery Writers of America named him Grand Master in 1964. Among the many works of Mr.Coxe are The Groom Lay Dead, Assignment in Guiana, and Death at the Isthmus. Married since 1929, Coxe had 2 children and died on January 31, 1984.