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  • George Lopez is one of the funniest comedians of all time


    I think that George Lopez is by far one of the most funniest comedians of all time. I loved his sitcom "George Lopez" and I love his talk show "Lopez Tonight". I never miss an episode of "Lopez Tonight" and I've seen every single episode of his sitcom "George Lopez". I also like George Lopez because you can tell that he cares about the kids that's why he has done movies such as "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl", "The Spy Next Door", "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", "Marmaduke", and his upcoming movies "Rio" and "The Smurfs". George Lopez will always be my favorite comedian of all time and I wish I meet him. It would be an honor to meet him. He might say jokes that will offend people but that's what makes him hilarious so if you people hate George Lopez, don't take him for granted. His sitcom is hilarious and his talk show is now cancelled are all hilarious. Every joke he says is good and whenever he talks about his childhood and say what funny things happen in his time... that also cracks me up. So yeah, if you want to watch a very good and hilarious comedian than this guy is the one for you. George Lopez will always be #1 in my opinion and nothing can ever replace that. Overall, I am a huge George Lopez fan. 10/10

  • This dude is so freakin hilarious!!!!!


    OK this dude is awesome in so many reasons where do I begin. OK his show George Lopez is one of the most funniest shows out there!!! He is an hilarious, talented actor. You guys must see this person anywhere. And his show is so funny you have to watch that show too. So if you hear him on any show or TV show watch it! GEORGE LOPEZ ROCKS!!! Overall 10/10.

  • One of the greatest Hispanics out there!

    I'm not a racism person, but I will tell you that George Lopez is probably the most funniest, and awesomest Hispanic actor in America today. I'm currently watching an episode of the George Lopez Show and he is sooooooo funny. He was also in one of my favorite movies called The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, but as the evil, funny bad guy, and also the teacher. But I tell you, as the good guy [hero] or as the villian, he is an awesome character and so funny. That's only 90 words, so I'll do something simple: George Lopez rocks! George Lopez rocks! George Lopez rocks! George Lopez rocks! George Lopez rocks!
  • He plays on a show called "George Lopez" a must see.

    George Lopez is so funny!! I watch his show "George Lopez" every night, now playing on Nick @ Night. He is a must see talented actor!! He is one of the most funniest, sarcastic, person ever to be on a show...between his sarcastic comments on "George Lopez" about his mom Benny and between his comments with his kids and will laugh you head off..if you sick or sad his show George Lopez will help you laugh like you never have before!! Look up his show and watch it..its a PG show im pretty sure..but its so hilarious..he is sooo funny!! HE IS A GREAT ACTOR!!
  • Great show, but just some suggestions!

    My family really loves the show, there really is not any distinguished family shows out in TV Land; however, GLO is a fantastic surprise for a reality/comic amusing combination. I just so happen to have a 13 YO son and a 15.75 YO daughter that glue their eyes to the TV when GLO is on. When it comes to Max; my wife of 23 years, would like to see him respect his parents more, it portrays high morals for kids his age. The fifteen YO daughter on GLO is way out there in "get out of my house land", she is pushing the envelope for minimal respect concerning her parents, almost to the point of not watching the show. However, we know it is just a show, but we would like to see good morals portrayed since my kids are watching. If need be, I would restrict the show with the "V" chip. Please, please do not get me wrong, the show is great, and I would like to see only minor changes. I know that you have to keep the show interesting and up-to-date so please, by all means go for it! My family is not Latino's, yet we have the upmost respect for your race. But please remember, my family (father and mother) and my parents, parents had to go through some very rough times when they were young, etc., no health insurance, no food stamps, very low standards in school, , were affected by wars, and the list goes on. Please do not think that us "Caucasians" had it easy, we suffered as well. Knowing this, please, please keep your show on. You folks have not ruined your welcome, keep your episodes coming and we will keep on watching.
  • i think i just fell in love....o.O

    George Lopez has got to be one of my fav actors! When I first watched his show on Nick at Nick I thought oh no another bad sitcom. I judged the show to quickly because after a few episodes I fell in love! George Lopez=awesomeness! I really enjoy watching on George Lopez at night! This show is not like those bad humor poorly acted sitcoms networks throw out. This show deserves its fame but not to be cancelled!!!!! ABC made a huge mistake there. Every episode is clever and witty and lol worthy and I fall in love with the characters every time! Theres just something about this show thats unique, with the actors, the interesting plots, and storylines. I love that George Lopez is a show about latinos! Most of my friends are hispanic and I think its cool to see a show not about some white family. Its weird because I'm white and I've found myself in love with George Lopez! =P

    anywhoos, i love george lopez!!!

    peace out XD
  • A really funny guy.

    This man is a very funny comedian. and i love his show. he is brilliant and comes up with new ideas all the time. he very smart and also very talented. he is a great guy and i wish i could meet him. he is an enourmously talented actor with mant amazing ideas. he was amazing in the stand up on HBO and i hope they let his show run for many more seasons. he is one of my personal favorite peolple and i hope he keeps doing well. he has an amazing life style and he is one of the funniest people alive.
  • Goerge Lopez is funny

    George Lopez is one of the premier comedic talents in the entertainment industry today. He is the co-creator, writer, producer and star of the ABC network and Warner Bros. Television produced sitcom, George Lopez The show is executive produced by Bruce Helford and movie-star Sandra Bullock. The show is now in its third season, starting off ABC's new "TGIF" lineup
  • WOW, what can I tell you about George Lopez, i can tell you guys that George Lopez is one of the funniest persons on T.V. ever. He extremely funny and original. Everything he says is funny and original. he is the best comedian ever.

    George Lopez is one of those people who tells the truth and tells it exactly how it really is. He is a person who just doesn't care about anything. He extremely funny, espesially about the stuff that he says on mexicans. Don't get me wrong, im not a recist. I happen to be mexican myself and I think everthing he says is not only funny but true. Everything he says is original and funny. In my own opinion I think that George Lopez is the best comedian out there. He is one of my personal favorites because he is a very funny and very rebelious person.
  • George Lopez is an all around comic genius.

    George Lopez is not only one of the funniest stand-up comedians, he is also one of the few Latinos to get the kind of attention that all Latinos should get. He has had a successful TV sitcom career and stand-up comedy career that is just getting bigger and bigger. His spot on "Latin Kings Of Comedy" had me dying on the floor with laughter and his own role on his stand-up event "Why You Crying?!" had me in stitches. Lopez's shining career is getting bigger and better and it's not going to stop any time soon.
  • No prima donna

    This guy I have seen on tv
    And he seems to be like a regular guy
    No prima donna whatsoever in his bone
    Which is rare in tv and movies today
    Very funny as well as very warm
    Also admired his wife for giving him a transplant
    For him to live
    As well as she loved him very much
    In order to give him that transplant
    Hope he will have a successful career
    Even after the show ends!
  • Viva la Geroge Lopez

    I love him more than anything he is a positve role model for us Latin Americans... A plus is that hes Mexican american and i love that i love the fact that i can turn on the telivision and see my people and they can be secsessful and have money it sends a positive veiw to young americans