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  • Great show, but just some suggestions!

    My family really loves the show, there really is not any distinguished family shows out in TV Land; however, GLO is a fantastic surprise for a reality/comic amusing combination. I just so happen to have a 13 YO son and a 15.75 YO daughter that glue their eyes to the TV when GLO is on. When it comes to Max; my wife of 23 years, would like to see him respect his parents more, it portrays high morals for kids his age. The fifteen YO daughter on GLO is way out there in "get out of my house land", she is pushing the envelope for minimal respect concerning her parents, almost to the point of not watching the show. However, we know it is just a show, but we would like to see good morals portrayed since my kids are watching. If need be, I would restrict the show with the "V" chip. Please, please do not get me wrong, the show is great, and I would like to see only minor changes. I know that you have to keep the show interesting and up-to-date so please, by all means go for it! My family is not Latino's, yet we have the upmost respect for your race. But please remember, my family (father and mother) and my parents, parents had to go through some very rough times when they were young, etc., no health insurance, no food stamps, very low standards in school, , were affected by wars, and the list goes on. Please do not think that us "Caucasians" had it easy, we suffered as well. Knowing this, please, please keep your show on. You folks have not ruined your welcome, keep your episodes coming and we will keep on watching.