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  • Trivia

    • George Lowe collects folk art, ranging from Baptist preacher R.A. Miller to fruit-stand owner Ruby Williams to a Harold Finster angel.

    • George Lowe, voice actor, is not the same person as George Lowe, mount Everest climber. Also, Lowe's Buttress is named after climber George Lowe, not the voice actor.

    • George Lowe heads National Humor Network, a company based in Atlanta. NHN makes comical radio and television spots for various businesses, including TBS SuperStation and Publix Super Markets.

    • George Lowe's inspiration and hero is Mel Brandt.

    • George Lowe speaks at Dragon*Con every year. The event is held in Atlanta on the Labor Day weekend. For a moderate fee of twenty dollars, George will record an outgoing voice mail message.

    • For half a decade, George Lowe was the TV pitchman for Art Palmi Dodge.

    • George Lowe used to make public appearances as Space Ghost. George would have to wear three layers of foam muscles and spandex, to give himself the physical appearance of Space Ghost.

    • The Firesign Theatre is one of George Lowe's major comedy influences.

    • George Lowe, using his Space Ghost voice, serves as the Cartoon Network's merchandise telephone sales line.

    • George Lowe has previously been a guest on the syndicated radio program Mancow's Morning Madhouse.

    • For Louisiana radio station 99.5 WRNO, George Lowe is the voice of the between-song interludes and also the program openers.

    • Since 2004, George Lowe is the voice for Fox affiliate KDFI 27 in Dallas/Fort Worth.

    • George Lowe can be heard in the commercials aired during Atlanta Braves baseball radio broadcasts, and also on local Atlanta radio.

    • George Lowe has done announcing for Sponsors vs Freeloaders, from Episode 2 onward.

    • George Lowe has been featured on Aqua Teen Hunger Force in three episodes, as three different characters, that all use a George Lowe cartoon image. This image was later recycled and used again on The Brak Show when George Lowe appears at The New Year's Party.

    • URBAN LEGEND: Automated Voice on Atlanta's commuter train MARTA.
      George Lowe is in fact NOT the automated voice for MARTA, and never has been.

  • Quotes

    • George Lowe (of Space Ghost): Yeah, I play him as the clueless guy at the party who doesn't quite get the joke.

    • George Lowe (about SGC2C): I've struggled for a long time and paid a lot of dues for this.