George Mallaby

George Mallaby


11/4/1939, Hartlepool, County Durham, England, UK



Birth Name

George Frederick Mallaby


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George Mallaby was an extensive Australian television actor, having starred in some of the most important and remembered Australian shows.

He was born on the 4th of November, 1939, in Hartlepool, England, before moving to Australia at the humble age of sixteen. Once in Australia, George took…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • For his role on Homicide, co-producer Dorothy Crawford provided George with money to buy a hat for his character to wear. Not wanting to wear a hat for the role, George purchased the silliest hat he could find, hoping that the show's limited budget wouldn't permit a replacement, thus allowing him to go without. Unfortunately, the hat he purchased was approved by Crawford and he had to wear it throughout his time on the show.

    • George died of complications of a stroke on the 12th of July, 2004, on the Goldcoast, in Queensland, Australia.

    • George starred in the Australian film Eliza Fraser, directed by Tim Burstall.

    • George moved back to England at the end of the 1970s and appeared in many shows, including The Professionals and Secret Army.

    • George starred in the long running Australian crime show Homicide, playing the part of Detective Peter Barnes, a role he played for seven years, half of the length the show ran for. George also wrote a number of scripts for the show during the time that he starred in it.

    • George began working life by working as a signwriter and a crayfisher.

    • George founded one of Australia's first hazelnut farms.

    • In 1975 George won a Logie Award for Best Australian Actor for his role in the raunchy Australian series The Box.

    • George suffered a series of strokes in his life, his first in the mid 1980s, followed by a major stroke in 1992/3. Another subsequent stroke saw him confined to a wheelchair, until, in 2004, he died, having suffered another stroke.

    • George married Lenice Reed, a fellow cast member of Homicide, in 1968, and they were married for 28 years.

    • George's father worked as a policeman.

    • George, along with his parents, left England and moved to Australia when he was sixteen years old.

    • The role of Colonel Mike Mustard in Cluedo was George Mallaby's final role, as he suffered a stroke after the show's final series, restricting him to a wheelchair.

    • George played the role of Colonel Mustard for both seasons of the Australian version of Cluedo in 1992/3.

  • Quotes

    • George: (On the toughness of his character in Homicide in comparison to himself) The real George Mallaby is a coward. He hates fighting. He just talks fast - very fast.

    • George: [On scriptwriting] Writing requires a mood. It might be called a creative mood, I suppose. Unfortunately for those close to me, the mood often seems to come around 4am. I get a spasm of creativity and just have to jump out of bed and start writing.

    • George: [On founding one of Australia's first hazelnut farms] [It's] basic protection against the insecurity of show business.