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  • A really Perfect writer.

    The fist reviwer here makes a really great point about George Meyer; who is known for writting many supurb Simpsons episodes. George Meyer has written many supurb to perfect Simpsons episodes like (The Crepes Of Wrath, Homer The Heretic, Bart's Inner Child, Separate Vocations,
    Treehouse Of Horror II, Bart vs. Thanksgiving, Blood Feud, Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington, Sunday, Cruddy Sunday, Brother's Little Helper, The Parent Rap, Behind The Laughter.) I think "The Parent Rap" was George's last Simpsons episode he wrote back in 2001 which Mike Scully with him.

    The past few weeks a I haven't seen his names on the credits as a "Producer" which he usually does. I hope he's on a vacation or being part of the upcoming Simpsons Movie. He should have been moved up further like Executive Producer or Show Runner.
  • Great Simpsons writer who\'s written some of the all-time classics.

    Based on some articles I\'ve read, commentaries I\'ve heard and episodes I\'ve seen, George Meyer seems to be a real funny guy. I read that Simpsons writer Ian Maxtone-Graham once said \"I\'d rather make George Meyer laugh than win an Emmy.\" The man is obviously extremely respected among the writers of the show and has written some classic episodes, including \"Homer the Heretic\" and \"Seperate Vocations.\" He should continue to write for the show, considering the slump it\'s currently in. We need Simpsons veterans to liven up the show again and bring it back to it\'s former glory...if it\'s not too late to do so already.

    Anyway, George Meyer seems like a cool guy and you should check out some of the episodes he\'s written, they\'re great.