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    Save-Eli-Stone-4XMas - for Fans of Show & Music

    Change is the law of life. And those who look only tothe past or the
    present are certain to miss the future.
    - John F. Kennedy

    Eli Stone is a wonderful quirky show list the cult ****c "Northern Exposure". In these uncertain economic times, not even Eli Stone can see the future. ABC is forced with an economic reality, it's made up of employees with families, and like the talented people at Eli Stone the families have to eat.

    There in no true measure of a show likes this value. I've personally talked online fans from Britain and the Netherlands that love this show. Those fans have no way of being measured by convential methods.

    A short while ago I realized most fans like me that love this show is because of the actors and the music. I spend my time in, and there's been an influx of people asking about the music used in this show,

    There can not be a Jericho ****"sending peanuts" campaign, that doesn't help the bottom line, and that is what keeps all shows in business. When the FOX show Family Guy hit syndication and it was on Teletoon, I couldn't believe I never heard of this show. I went out and bought the first 2 volumes I could lay my hands. Funny thing, so did many people, and the show is rightfully back on air keeping me laughing, until now.

    I forsee the only hope being a grass roots viral online campaign to buy anything to do with Eli Stone, to keep this wonderful show on the air. I have dubbed this Save-Eli-Stone-For-X-Mas.

    I challenge fans of Eli Stone the show, and fans of it's music to prove with every $, it's a clear message about how devoted the fans are to this show.

    Buy the Season 1 DVD, or iTunes episodes. If you are like me from out of the States contact ABCs online store and demand they make it available in your country. Of if you are in an area with PAL and not NTSC, contact ABC's store online and demand it be made and released.

    If you do buy (or have bought) anything to do with:

    Eli Stone DVD sales in store or online.

    George Michaels recent CD or concert tickets

    Seal's same recent CD or concert tickets

    Help me show ABC this show is worth saving,

    There's a wonderful site out there that needs your passion:

    I have 2 accounts to share my own receipt for buying Season 1 on DVD. I don't know more what else a single person like me alone can do.

    MySpace: Save-Eli-Stone-4XMas

    FaceBook: Eli Stone-xmas

    Contact me there or send an email to: if you have a scanned copy, and tell me what online name you want stamped on it, or that you can do yourself.

    Eli Stone needs a miracle, and Christmas is the best time.

    To that end, this message shall be posted in:

    ABC Forums

    IMdb Forums Forum


    Feel free to spread the word, and the miracle.

    Thank You


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