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  • Umm.. hello can you say sexy?

    omg! george is so hot!!! i love him especially as junior on my wife && kids because he's a talented actor and he really has talent! he should be a comedian or somebody very funny! i love that smile of his and i love his sense of humor! he makes me look forward to the show every weekday!!!!
  • Well i really don't have anything to say but I love the show and I wanna just play as your girlfriend at least one time. Thats always been y dream since New York Undercover when you would walk home from schoool with your dad.(LOL)

    I love this young man so much. I have always enjoyed his wonderful talent(acting. I think he s o funny and smart. I have been saying this seens he was in the show New York Undercover. I always wanted to play as his girlfriend. I hope you read this and just contact me if you ever read this just say hi.
  • George O. Gore II is one of the most talented actors I have seen in a long time.

    George is a comedian in his own right making appearances in Law and Order, New York Undercover and The Nightmare Room but of his career the most memorable role to date is being in ABC's hit show My Wife and Kids. He is the 'comedian' who keeps the set together.