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    • George Peppard: (Referring to The A-Team) Patriotism has a lot to do with the success of the show.

    • George Peppard: You have problems, you think drink helps, then you have two problems.

    • George Peppard: I love to entertain an audience.

    • George Peppard: Some people do better on their own. I don't. It sounds stupid to say, but it's true. I like women. I like them when they're little tiny babies, and I like them when they're old ladies, and I like them all in between. They please me.

    • Peppard: The difference between a dead cat in the road and a dead television executive are there are skid marks in front of the cat.

    • (on allegations of A-Team violence)
      Peppard: The A-Team are either the worst shots in the world... They take a machine gun and blow everything up, but it's good because it tells everyone to begin with, "We're out for fun.. there's going to be no blood, there's going to be no horror here.

    • George Peppard: (on his drinking) I turned into my own worst enemy.

    • George Peppard: Mine isn't a string of victories. It's no golden past. I'm no George Peppard fan.