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6/9/1954, New York City

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Welcome to George Perez's guide at George Pérez is a Puerto Rican-American comic book illustrator and writer.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • George is a diabetic, and underwent eye surgery June 2010.

    • George started drawing at the age of 5.

    • Among the awards that George has received are:

      - 1979, Eagle Award: Best Continued Story (The Avengers #167-168, 170177)
      - 1980, Eagle Award: Best Comicbook Cover (The Avengers #185)
      - 1983, Inkpot Award
      - 1983, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Artist
      - 1984, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Comic-Book Story ("The Judas Contract", Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44 and Annual #3)
      - 1985, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Artist
      - 1985, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Cover Artist
      - 1985, Jack Kirby Award: Best Single Issue (The New Teen Titans #50)
      - 1985, Jack Kirby Award: Best Finite Series (Crisis on Infinite Earths)
      - 1985, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Comic-Book Story ("Beyond the Silent Night", Crisis on Infinite Earths #7)
      - 1986, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Cover Artist
      - 1986, Jack Kirby Award: Best Finite Series (Crisis on Infinite Earths)
      - 1986, Eagle Award: Favorite Artist (penciller)
      - 1987, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Penciller
      - 1987, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Cover Artist
      - 1989, Comic Buyer Guide Award: Favorite Comic-Book Story ("A Lonely Place of Dying", Batman 440-442 and The New Titans #60-61)

    • George began his work on The Avengers with issue #141, "The Phantom Empire" (Nov. 1975), and continued through issue #202.

    • Working with writer Bill Mantlo, George created the White Tiger, the first Puerto Rican superhero, during his early professional work at Marvel on Deadly Hands of Kung Fu in 1974.

    • In City of Heroes, a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG about superheroes, an entire Zone within the game (Perez Park) is named after him.

    • The Titan George feels closest to is Cyborg.

    • The Titan he'd most like to meet is Wonder Girl.

    • His favorite Titan to draw was Starfire

    • Due to psoriasis, George Perez never finished a final two-paged Witchblade spread.

  • Quotes

    • George Perez: (on quitting Superman) Things are being second guessed left and right, a case of too many chiefs, not enough Indians now. Whether it will work? Who am I to say. They want it to be like Hollywood, and it's becoming like Hollywood, in producing comics, and what you have is a corporate room deciding where things are going to go. And part of the reason for me leaving Superman is that I had certain ideas I wanted to do unfortunately, stuff that they okay one day, they would change their mind the next day, and it was becoming way too difficult, slowing us down. That was unfortunate. I hope they succeed for the industry's sake. In the case of Superman they didn't want a writer, they wanted a typewriter. They have to deal with people producing the movie, who also had a say in what's going on in the comic as well. My one fear, I'm not producing a comic, I'm producing a storyboard for a movie, that's not what I wanted to do.

    • George Perez: The Starfire character was something that Marv did want to do, he wanted to have a strong female alien character. [...] I worked first from a visual point of view, devising the feline look to Koriand'r, off the basically Red Sonja look at first. Joe Orlando was the one who came in after seeing the original drawing and saying, "Make her hair a little longer," and little did he know what he wrought. And, the Raven and Cyborg characters, like Starfire, were designed once. They were all designed once, like Raven's costume, which was a slight modification of my own choice. But they said, "Design a few designs per character." To me, that seemed like work. So I designed them once, and I figured if they didn't like it, then they could show me what they did want. That's a lot easier than trying to second-guess them without really knowing if the first one was all right or not.

    • George Perez: Kid Flash/Flash, he's always been the one who's been the most trouble, because he was a hard character to handle. If he's so super fast, technically if handled correctly, he'd make the rest of the characters superfluous. No way he could ever be caught by anything, no one should ever get the upper hand on him. So he never was my favorite character, only because he was just difficult to handle in a group situation. I think the Frances Kane character introduced with him was a nice addition, but they didn't play her up enough to kind of give him a much stronger anchor. I did like the fact that he had two living parents.

    • Geroge Perez: And the one that was the biggest challenge, by not putting any highlights on, was to differentiate Robin from Kid Flash. Before, they tended to have the same exact face-I was guilty of it, when I started. I made a point of suddenly drawing in Kid Flash's cheeks-making him angular. If you look at a lot of pictures of Mikhail Barishnykov, to give him that very slender look. And, of course, very, very strong legs. The fact is that I'm trying to draw his arms less bulky but keep his legs very muscular. That man must have calves like iron.

    • George Perez: Robin/Nightwing, I like him a lot because of his history, he's been around so long, and there's a certain sleek sexuality about the character. He's got a certain sense of everyman, a young swashbuckler type., he's probably the only character to have developed a rabid following. That I find incredible, particularly because he came out as a sidekick - that he's got the strongest following of any character really makes me feel good about Nightwing. He's the only Titan who made the CBG poll, and it was great, you know. The fact that he's still fresh after all these years.

    • Geroge Perez: Victor is probably the closest to my own history, because of the fact that he's a ghetto youth. He had the disadvantage of being a smart kid in a dumb society. He ended up becoming a very warm person even though he's very big, and very strong. He's not afraid to be warm. He's got a big heart.

    • George Perez: Trigon is Hot Stuff on steroids. I didn't know he was going to be colored red until the comic came out, so I said, "My God, now with the loincloth, he does look like Hot Stuff from the Harvey comics, with extra eyes and obviously big and bad." Basically, he was just the Devil incarnate. He was a real fun character to design because he was just pure evil. Taking the riff from the Emperor's New Clothes, and then having Trigon actually kill the child was something that just said, "Oh, yes, this is one fella who's really, really bad." In hindsight, one of the things I probably would not have designed is the antlers quite that way, because they tended to look a little puny on his head. Better to just go straight horns or enormous elk-like antlers, as opposed to those little ones that he had there. In hindsight, I might've designed him a little more fiercely, but he was always a fun character. I liked drawing him just looking down on people, and the extra eyes were always fun to work with."

    • George Perez: Overnight, I came up with the concept, personality, and design for Joseph William Wilson, the newest Teen Titan. Joseph, or Jericho, was the first Titan I ever designed solely and as such, he was more of an artist's character than a writer's character.

    • George Perez: I didn't particularly like the Danny Chase character at all, but working with Marv on him, there's a lot of promise there. Once I got an idea of what Marv wanted to do with him and we talked about what could be done with him, I said "Okay, he's not a likable character. He's not meant to be-at least not yet." But I understand Marv's point of view with him, and I think we can work with him. That's a character that Marv created, so Marv has a particular affection for him.

    • George Perez: Speedy and Aqualad? Nicest guest stars. I like Speedy/Aqualad because of the limitation of his powers. He's nice - nice visual - but now that Robin's wearing his Nightwing costume, he's the only one that's showing his bare legs. Again, a nice little sexiness about him. I always like that kinky hair, and I deliberately gave him a more Italian looking face- Actually, I based it on a girl's face. I dated a girl, she had very strong features, and I matched them, made them a little more masculine and made Aqualad out of her.

    • George Perez: There is a building in New York that is similar to the Titans Tower. It may not look it, but it is architecturally sound. It can stand. I want to show somebody doing maintenance work on the thing. Have somebody gardening. I want to show a little Japanese gardener, "My god, this tree has fallen down three times. Tell Changeling to clean up after himself when he becomes a Tyrannosaurus.

    • George Perez: When I came to DC I came in strictly to do the Justice league. At the time Dick Dillin was still alive, so I Just wanted to do one issue of it. Marv had asked me to do something for DC and suggested the Teen Titans. You know how hard it was to tell the people at Marvel what I was going to do at DC? "Oh, they finally got you doing work there, what are you going to be doing?" "Well, I'm doing the TEEN TITANS... (very low, embarrassed voice)" (laughter.) I did not think that book was gonna go. I loved the original, I hated the second version... and I thought it was going to die. Marv had already decided on Cyborg. Basically, he had all the things worked out on him. Same thing with Starfire. Raven... while Marv conceived the character, it was Len's idea to put a mystical character in there. Marv didn't want Raven in.

    • George Pérez: Raven is very angular, very high cheekbones, very straight-nosed, with an upper lip slightly larger than her lower lip, and, of course, an incredibly large forehead.

    • George Perez: I said the one thing I wanted to do is the Justice League, one crack which I figured was all I would get. He said yes but the one thing he was interested in was a new revival of the Teen Titans. After a few minutes of hearty laughter, I said OK strictly because I wanted to do a JLA story. I didn't think the Titans had a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding,

    • George Pérez: My favorite to draw was Starfire, because she was made for any young male artist to enjoy.

    • George Pérez: The one character I enjoyed developing was Cyborg: he was an inner-city youth, as I was. It allowed me a little more input to his character than I had with the others.