George Sanders





7/3/1906 , St. Petersburg, Russia



Birth Name




George Sanders was born July 3, 1906, at Petrovski Ostrov in Saint Petersburg, Imperial Russia. He was capable of doing different roles including being an author, a music composer, a singer-songwriter, and a television and film actor. In 1929, he had his British film debut through Strange Cargo. He had a long list of films where he starred including his last film, the low-budget film Psychomania in 1972. He was successful enough that he was able to garner two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was married and divorced several times. His last girlfriend was a much younger Mexican woman who convinced him to sell his house in Majorca, Spain, which he regretted. He became depressed and drifted. On April 23, 1972, he committed suicide in a hotel in Castelldefels. He did it by drinking five bottles of Nembutal. He was 65 years old then and left a note stating that he was leaving because he was bored and felt that he has lived long enough.