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  • When one says the name George Steinbrenner, only one thing comes to mind: He's the Boss.

    George Steinbrenner is the greatest owner the New York Yankees ever had. He bought the team before the 1973 season and has been their owner since. When one thinks of Steinbrenner, people think of winning, power, and devotion. Also, of the fact that he's the Boss. He makes the rules and sets the standards. Ever since taking ownership of the Yankees, Steinbrenner has experienced 6 World Series titles, four of them coming from 1996-2000. People of course would say, 'How'd he only win 6 in almost 35 years?' The answer to that is simple. From 1979-1993, the Yankees went through a dark period, winning wise. The players played badly and everything went wrong. In 1994, the Yankees were tops in the AL East, but the season was never finished due to a players strike. In 1995, the Yankees won the first ever Wild Card, but couldn't advance past the first round. Then in 1996, the Yankees won the World Series, only to win it another 3 times from 1998-2000. Throughout Steinbrenner's ownership tenure, he has made it perfectly clear that he will spend as much money and do whatever is necessary for a championship. Hopefully, the Yankees can win another championship soon.