George Stroumboulopoulos

George Stroumboulopoulos


8/16/1972, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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George Stroumboulopoulos


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George Stroumboulopoulos is the host of 'CBC News: The Hour', CBC Newsworld's prime-time news and current affairs program. Covering the day's stories and issues from a variety of viewpoints, the live newscast focuses on everything from Canadian politics to international headlines to the latest from the world of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • George was nominated for the 2006 Gemini Award for "Viewers' Choice Award for Lifestyle Host."

    • George Stroumboulopoulos won the Speaker of the Year award at the 2005 Canadian Organization of Campus Activities.

    • George's Favourite Music Video: 'Sabotage', by The Beastie Boys.

    • George favorite song lyrics are from 'Headache', by Frank Black.

    • George Stroumboulopoulos work at MuchMusic includes being the host of MuchNews, The NewMusic, LOUD, and The Punk Show, which he is also the producer of.

    • George took on an unpaid internship from a radio station in Kelowna, British Columbia. George would drive to events in his beat-up Chevy Impala, dressed up in a lizard costume, and advertise for the station.

    • 'The George Stroumboulopoulos Show' airs Sunday nights from 9-11 on Newstalk 1010 CFRB, a Toronto radio station. George and co-host Bob Mackowycz Jr. discuss both politics and pop culture. It's also available on Montreal's sister station CJAD 800.

    • George is 5'8" tall.

    • George owns pet snakes.

    • George's nickname is 'Strombo'.

    • George was the host for "The One: Making a Music Star" on ABC and CBC before the show got cancelled due to ratings.

    • George immerses himself in the music and social/political issues that mean so much to him. These passions have guided his career, taking him around the globe on a wide range of assignments. Recently, he's travelled to Zambia for a World AIDS Day special documentary and to Victoria, BC, for a cameo appearance in the premiere CHUM theatrical release, "Going The Distance". When he's at Much Headquarters in Toronto, George also enjoys numerous special assignments - upfront with top artists in selected Live@Much showcases and of course, helming the annual madness at the MuchMusic Video Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show. All in all, living a rock 'n' roll lifestyle is really just an attitude, and George has plenty of that.

    • With 11 years hosting/producing experience under his belt at media outlets including 102.1 The Edge and The Fan 590, George is a true on-air vet whose well-honed interview skills cut straight to the issue. Whether he's talking world issues and music with U2's Bono (in a widely-reported early morning exclusive that George scored following the Conservative Leadership Convention in Toronto), putting former prime minister Jean Chrétien on the hot seat live in Much HQ, or travelling to meet music's top stars on the road, he's comfortable voicing his opinion and pushes for accountability in every interview. Combining technical ability with honesty, perseverance and guts, George takes care of business.

    • He was a MuchMusic VJ for 5 years (2000-2004). He left MM to host a 'CBC News: The Hour'.

  • Quotes

  • This guy just forces his opinions on people with propaganda, and talks about things he doesn't have any knowledge about.

    This show is propaganda, I know someome will report me because free speech isn't accepted on here unless it's what they believe in. Here is what I don't like about him, he is from Canada but talks about American politics, and most of the time he is totally wrong about what he says, for example he said no war has ever brought about good, last time I checked nobody wanted to go to war but sometimes it has to be done, South Korea aren't under a communist rule anymore, Iraq doesn't have an evil dictator and is on it's way to democracy. I urge people to not think what I believe in, or what he believes in, but think for yourself. I would listen to his opposing views if they had any validity. I think it said he was a DJ, and it seems like maybe that is what he is best ut out for.moreless
  • George Stroumboulopoulos is one of the greatest Vjs Much Music has ever had. Hes edgey, punk rocker, and he really knows his music.

    George Stroumboulopoulos is one of the greatest Vjs Much Music has ever had. Hes edgey, punk rocker, and he really knows his music. George is one of the most down to earth guys you'll ever meet. He really does care about his fans. And George really cares about the issuses that affect Canada and its citizens.