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  • This guy just forces his opinions on people with propaganda, and talks about things he doesn't have any knowledge about.

    This show is propaganda, I know someome will report me because free speech isn't accepted on here unless it's what they believe in. Here is what I don't like about him, he is from Canada but talks about American politics, and most of the time he is totally wrong about what he says, for example he said no war has ever brought about good, last time I checked nobody wanted to go to war but sometimes it has to be done, South Korea aren't under a communist rule anymore, Iraq doesn't have an evil dictator and is on it's way to democracy. I urge people to not think what I believe in, or what he believes in, but think for yourself. I would listen to his opposing views if they had any validity. I think it said he was a DJ, and it seems like maybe that is what he is best ut out for.