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George Willis

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  • What is Willis talking about?

    I'm not the first person to ask "WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT WILLIS?" and I won't be the last. There were times where George scared me, he seemed to be wussing out and generally dragging his ladyorgans all over camp. However, at the last possible moment, he dropped a pair and threw down a Bellows and started doing some Iron working. When he slashed that branch with a Machete, I thought that I'd accidentally changed the channel to Rambo! Dude is straight up Portland gangsta (I think he was from portland).

    It said he was an artist and inventor, kind of like "The Vinch (Davinci)," He was a real man and I was hoping to see him in season 3. Sounds like its cancelled, but if it does get revived like Johnny5, I won't be missin a single episode of the real GDubs!moreless