George Zucco

George Zucco


1/11/1886, Manchester, England, UK



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George Zucco was an accomplished British actor who is remembered as a character actor in horror films. His mother was British and for several years had worked as an attendant to Queen Victoria; Zucco's father was a Greek immigrant. Zucco began acting when he was eighteen years old…more


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    • Zucco's wife, Stella, outlived her husband by nearly 40 years dying on May 11, 1999 at the age of 99.

    • Zucco won acclaim in the late 1920's for his performance in a play entitled Journey's End. Future Frankenstein star Colin Clive co-starred with Zucco in the play.

    • Zucco was an avid dog lover who owned several German Shephards.

    • His nickname on the set of Universal Studios was "One Take Zucco."

    • According to his wife, Zucco never refused a fan request for an autograph.

    • Zucco's wife, Stella, detested fellow horror genre actor Lionel Atwill.

    • Bela Lugosi and Zucco appeared in two films together: Voodoo Man and Scared to Death.

    • Zucco appeared as Professor Andoheb, the High Priest of Arkan, in three films: The Mummy's Hand, The Mummy's Tomb, and The Mummy's Ghost.

    • After his death, Zucco was cremated and his ashes are now interred at the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetary in Los Angeles.

    • According to some reports, Zucco was a raving lunatic during his final years, having been driven insane by his numerous mad doctor roles. His wife Stella always vehemently denied these assertations.

    • Zucco spent his final years in the Monterey Sanitarium, an assisted-living facility.

    • In 1951, Zucco had a stroke on the set of The Desert Fox which would later incapacitate him almost completely.

    • Zucco resided in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles for many years before moving to another home in the Brentwood section.

    • Zucco refused to appear in Return of the Ape Man because he considered his role ludicrous but he was still credited as being in the movie.

    • Zucco's final on-screen appearance was a bit part in 1951's David and Bathsheba.

    • Tragically, Zucco's daughter, Frances, died almost two years after him from throat cancer on March 14, 1962.

    • Zucco and his wife, Stella, had one daughter named Frances who later became an actress and an award-winning equestrian.

    • Zucco was married to Stella Francis, a former British stage actress, from 1930 until his death.

    • Zucco served in the Yorkshire Regiment during World War I as a lieutenant and was severely wounded in his right arm which was nearly paralyzed.

    • After completing his schooling, Zucco went to live in Winnipeg, Canada for a time. That was where he got his first stage acting experience.

    • Zucco was educated at Borden Grammar School and London Polytechnic.

    • Zucco's father was a merchant of Greek descent and his mother was a former lady in waiting to Queen Victoria.

    • Zucco was the first of three actors to play the nefarious Professor Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes series in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

    • Zucco played British Prime Minister Disraeli in the original Broadway production of Victoria Regina, starring Helen Hayes and Vincent Price.

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